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The New Energy Crisis Affecting America

June 29, 2022

With gas prices and inflation at record levels, the energy crisis in America may get worse before it gets better. Find out how you can protect your family today.

Jeff Bezos’ Investment in Electric Vehicle Startup Rivian

June 29, 2022

If Rivian does supply Amazon with a massive fleet of electric vehicles including pick-up trucks and vans, this could bring massive profits even to small investors.

Jeff Clark – Bitcoin Experiment 3-Second Flip Trade

June 29, 2022

With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies struggling, you can still make money in the crypto market with the results of an exciting experiment which led to $6k made in one day!

Teeka Tiwari Unlocking Tokenization

June 29, 2022

Crypto and NFTs overall are down, but The Great Unlocking is an opportunity that you can turn around your investment portfolio into positive territory.

Casey Research Strategic Investor – Jeff Bezos’ 7th Billion Dollar Deal Review

June 28, 2022

Find out if The Strategic Investor from The Jeff Casey research team and the Jeff Bezos 7th Billion Dollar Deal is the right investment move for you.


Global business news from around the world you can use and you can count on. To help better get what you need and onto your day, we have summarized these articles into a format to give you just what you need without any fluff. Our middle name is TL;DR.


What makes a great leader? Effective leadership is a rarity these days, especially in the business world. David Ogilvy, Bill Gates, Alan Ashton, David Packard, and Warren Buffett to name a few. Learn the methods and inside practices of these leaders to use inside your own organization and life.


Creating a successful business is not enough in this day in age, you must also create one that will have sustainability through the ever-changing market changes. New competitors, new platforms, employee turnover, etc. Survive it all.


Changes in local, national and world economies can affect your business. Keep up to date with the latest changes and know how to make small movements in your corporate rudder to weather the pending storm.

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