What The Disney Buyout of 21st Century Fox Means

By Michael Haynes | December 14, 2017

  Scrooge McDuck Becomes Mr. Burns Boss The pivotal question with the news of the massive $52.4 billion in stock buyout of 21st Century Fox by Disney is “Why would Disney do this?” The answer is simple. The entertainment industry continues to evolve and Disney had its eye on the market share Fox was able to control with their original brand of entertainment. One of the main components of the deal is Sky , a pan-European satellite broadcasting company. Sky is an on-demand internet streaming media, broadband and telephone services company that is headquartered in London. In 2015, they reported over 30,000 employees and a subscriber base of more than 21…

Simon Smith Keeps Calm – Despite Rammed By Bus

By Michael Haynes | December 7, 2017

When The Bus Catches You It was a quiet Saturday morning in the heart of Redding, just east of Edinburgh in the UK, when Simon Smith, was harshly greeted by the city’s bus. This “greeting” can only be described as a spectacular accident with an incredible ending. Upon review of the CCTV footage from The Purple Turtle, a well-known local bar, one would think Smith would be seriously injured, or worse, killed from the impact. However, as the footage shows, Smith stands up on his own and walked into the local bar to have a pint. To which bar patrons began saying “Keep Calm and Have a Pint.” Smith, 53,…

Small Business Saturday Economic Impact

By Michael Haynes | November 27, 2017

How Did “Small Business Saturday” Fare in Small Towns? Amercian Express sponsored this year’s “ Small Business Saturday .” The event has received the largest “awareness campaign” this year. The results? They are just coming in this morning. According to JJ Ramberg, contributing editor for MSNBC, over 108 million people shopped in their local communities on Saturday. However, sales figures have not been disclosed yet. The push has been to support small business in the wake of the changing economy. This shift has put a lot of local companies out of business over the past decade. For example, Barnes and Noble put the small bookstore out of business and then Amazon put Barnes and Noble…

Black Friday Insider Secrets & Hacks From Employees

By Michael Haynes | November 21, 2017

When it comes to holiday shopping and getting deals, nothing gets people revved up quite like Black Friday. Being from Europe, we find it fascinating that Americans trample each other the day after giving thanks for all they have. But what started it all? And why is it called Black Friday anyway? The phrase “ Black Friday ” was actually coined by the Philadelphia police force in the 1950s. Merchants wanted to take advantage of the out-of-towners coming in for the annual Army-Navy football game. Fearing that if they waited until Sunday to have the sale, many travelers would leave so they could be back at work on Monday morning, so they…

Highest Honor Delivered to British Military Dog

By Michael Haynes | November 17, 2017

A display of bravery, courage, and loyalty earns dog top military honor in Britain. Mali, an eight-year-old Belgian Malinois, and is proof you don’t need to be human to showcase leadership and courage. He has also been rightly named a war hero. Today, he received the Dickin Medal, which is the equivalent to the Victoria Cross. The highest possible military award. Mali is being recognized for his work in Afganistan, twice entering a building in Kabul which was filled with Taliban fighters. He successfully sniffed out explosives and saved lives in the process. “There was a massive gun battle with British Forces against the Taliban and Mali was sent into…


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offshore tax havens

Tax Haven Paradise Papers: Secrets of the Ultra-Rich Exposed

November 1, 2017

God save the Queen…lots and lots of money. In a new round of leaked documents it has been revealed how the ultra-powerful and rich, including the Queen and her private estate. How do they invest millions in cash in offshore tax havens? While tax avoidance is not illegal it can be seen as quite controversial. It can create quite the political discussion, including should the government do more to curtail the use of tax havens. And one of the most used tax havens is located in Bermuda, where the rich go there not for the sandy beaches, but for the tax havens which gives them complete secrecy and zero percent…

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Steve Jobs Genius Marketing Strategy

Steve Jobs’ Genius Marketing Strategy

October 25, 2017

When it comes to marketing, there is very little which is actually invented. Just as Mick Jagger of the Stones so poignantly summarized, “There is no future in rock ‘n roll music, it is all only recycled past. Jobs, in seeing the brilliance of Nike, in showcasing star athletes of the 80s such as Michael Jordan, John McEnroe, and Lester Hayes, and slapping their logo next to them. Nike knew the psychology would take over, and take over it did. Jobs’ did the same, but instead of star athletes, he created sexy products and used psychology to build an “elite brand.” He knew with just 5% of the market share…

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The Stock Market Black Monday

Black Monday – 30 Years Later, What Have We Learned?

October 23, 2017

There was one word that best described Oct. 19, 1987: “Panic.” It was real money. It was a real fear. It was real panic. What shocked financial analysts is how it happened. On that autumn morning, stocks were up 15% for the year, and the forecast looked bright. In just one day, the DOW dropped more than 500 points, nearly 23% and global markets followed the crash sending the world into a financial tailspin. There was pushing, shoving, screaming, profane words, rage, and how there wasn’t an all-out brawl is shocking, to say the least. Orders were coming through faster than they could be handled. Phones were ringing off the hook, and…

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