When Big Companies Hurt The General Public

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No one wants to have a health procedure done to them only to have the problem turn into something worse. Far worse. Often the issue is just a problem that wasn’t known. Something unforeseen. Unfortunately, there are other times when the problem was known and nothing was done because the big company saw a greater expense in pulling the product than settling lawsuits.

You read that correctly.

And while this article isn’t going to “name names” of big companies who are engaged in this practice, the purpose is to make you aware so you can ask the right questions before a procedure, or even do the research yourself to ensure what you are getting will benefit you and not cause major issues later.

There are some companies who marketed products KNOWING the tips they were giving would lead to certain types of cancer. Others knew a certain procedure would cause long-term health issues, but they kept doing the procedure without change. Yet others kept research hidden from the general public to keep their record-setting profits safe.

This is the world we live in where profits and stock price are more valued than human life.