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Irish Mobile Marketing Company Raises €10m In Investor Backing

June 22, 2021

Irish mobile marketing company raises €10m in investor backing Irish mobile phone marketing business Brandtone has raised almost €10m in backing from investors. Unilever Ventures is one of the backers of the company, which was set up less than two years ago to develop mobile phone marketing systems. Other investors include Belgian firm Verlinvest, Vision Private Equity, and Enterprise Ireland. With headquarters in Dublin, Brandtone has operations in five countries and is run by entrepreneur Donald Fitzmaurice, who previously set up nanotechnology firm Ntera. Brandtone uses a free phone system to gather information on consumers, who are incentivized with mobile phone credit and other ‘rewards’ from big brands. The company has targeted South…

DoneDeal sponsoring Setanta Sports FA Cup coverage

June 22, 2021

Online classified ads site DoneDeal announced today that it’s sponsoring Setanta Sports’s coverage of this year’s FA Cup. The sponsorship will include DoneDeal stings throughout the broadcast of 30 live games. The official announcement was made this morning at Setanta Sports offices with the FA Cup on hand. “There is a natural fit between DoneDeal and Ireland’s leading premium sports broadcaster,” said Irene Parker, marketing manager at DoneDeal. “We see the sponsorship of the prestigious FA Cup as the perfect platform to drive new traffic to the 60,000 listings in our cars section. This sponsorship is a key part of DoneDeal’s 2015 marketing strategy to grow our motoring section.” “The FA Cup…

Chambers ask for income tax details

June 21, 2021

Ian Talbot, chief executive of Chambers Ireland The waiting period before the budget announcement is impeding both business and consumer sentiment, says Chambers Ireland , as it calls for immediate access to personal income tax changes. Chambers Ireland , which represents 13,000 Irish businesses, said today that if significant changes are to apply to levies and other taxes, then businesses should be informed now. Chief executive Ian Talbot said it is unreasonable to expect employers to wait until December 7 to assess and plan for revised payroll processes. “They need adequate time to test and implement payroll software solutions for these changes in a timely and cost effective manner,” he said. Commenting on the imminent Budget,…

Brand Champion – the Q&A series: Simon Demery

June 20, 2021

Brand champion – the Q&A series: Simon DemeryPictured: Simon Demery, general sales manager for Swizzels in Ireland Simon Demery is the general sales manager for Swizzels in Ireland where he is responsible for all aspects of the business with particular focus on the sales and marketing function in Ireland. He works closely with agents and customers to plan at least six to eight months in advance for key sales periods such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and key summer activity. Swizzels Matlow was established in 1928 and started as a market stall in Hackney, London. Today, the factory in New Mills now produces more than 14 tons of chew sweets,…

Agile Networks Predicts 20pc Sales Increase for 2015

June 19, 2021

Agile Networks predicts 20pc sales increase for 2015Agile Networks managing director Darragh Richardson Dublin-based company Agile Networks is predicting a 20pc increase in sales for 2015, further to reporting revenue growth of 55pc for 2014. The company designs, builds, and supports IT networks across 1,300 sites that support 1.3 million end users. In completing its third full year of operations since a management buyout in 2011, the firm has grown revenues from under €1m to over €7.4m in 2014. “For 2015, we’re forecasting another year of buoyant growth, which means that we’re now the biggest independent network integrator in the country,” said managing director Darragh Richardson. “For our first quarter, we’re…


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Paul Rawlins, founder of Celtic Rider

SFA National Small Business Awards 2014 finalists announced

June 5, 2021

SFA National Small Business Awards 2014 finalists announcedPaul Rawlins, founder of Celtic Rider, a finalist in the awards Thirty five companies across seven categories have been announced as finalists in…

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Jeff Brown’s Second Wave

Jeff Brown The Second Wave (Tech Melt) – The Facts

June 4, 2021

Jeff Brown’s latest prediction is being referred to as The Second Wave. The stock market isn’t looking good, and during Jeff Brown’s much anticipated Tech Melt presentation, Brown boldly gave his Second Wave prediction.

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Simon McKeever, chief executive of the Irish Exporters Association with Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Charlie Flanagan and Aisling Dodgson, head of treasury, Investec

Google is Ireland’s #1 Exporter with €17bn in Top 250 Report

June 3, 2021

Google is Ireland’s #1 exporter with a turnover of €17bn in top 250 reportSimon McKeever, chief executive of the Irish Exporters Association with Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Charlie…

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