Irish Mobile Marketing Company Raises €10m In Investor Backing

Irish mobile marketing company raises €10m in investor backing
Irish mobile marketing company raises €10m in investor backing

Irish mobile phone marketing business Brandtone has raised almost €10m in backing from investors.

Unilever Ventures is one of the backers of the company, which was set up less than two years ago to develop mobile phone marketing systems.

Other investors include Belgian firm Verlinvest, Vision Private Equity, and Enterprise Ireland.

With headquarters in Dublin, Brandtone has operations in five countries and is run by entrepreneur Donald Fitzmaurice, who previously set up nanotechnology firm Ntera.

Brandtone uses a free phone system to gather information on consumers, who are incentivized with mobile phone credit and other ‘rewards’ from big brands.

The company has targeted South Africa, Brazil, and Turkey and is working with the likes of Unilever, Kellogg’s, Kimberley Clark, and SAB Miller.

Brandtone has said that it expects to have profiled about 10 million people in South Africa by the end of next year.

At that point, it expects to be working with brands that account for half the value of the consumer market.

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