The Real Smell of Success

Bruges Belgium

This is Belgium. Bruges to be exact. I’d like to say I took the picture. I’ve taken some great pictures in my day, but I think this one is a little too good and perfect. But I will tell you; I have stood at this very spot. It is as awesome as this picture looks. And it was at this moment; I loved what I did because I was able to stand there at that very moment and soak in an entirely different culture. And the Belgian beer. Seriously, the Westmal Triple. You have to have one before you die. Trust me. So, the title of this piece is “The…

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Jim Ward: Body Jewelry Goes Mainstream

Jim Ward Body Jewelry

The granddaddy of the modern body piercing movement is Jim Ward. Looks like an average looking guy, right? He started doing body piercing in his home in the 70’s. Now? Get this: Body piercing and body jewelry has grown to $1 billion industry in the US. But don’t think that body piercings and body jewelry are a new trend. It’s actually an ancient practice. How ancient? The first known piercing dates back over 5,000 years when “The Ice Man” was found in the Italian Alps in 1991. What was pierced? His ears.Piercings can show off social standing, sexual status, superstition, or just because it looks great. Who else did piercings…

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“Biggest telescope festival of the year” planned for Astronomy Ireland Star-B-Q

Biggest telescope festival of the year

Ireland’s highest village – Roundwood in Co Wicklow – is the setting for Astronomy Ireland’s annual Star-B-Q, which takes place on 27 August 2011. The astronomy club says the event is Ireland’s biggest telescope festival and its biggest annual fundraiser. As well as providing people with the opportunity to look into the skies using some of the most powerful telescopes in Ireland, the event will include professionally catered food by Michelin-experienced chefs, a night sky guide, an overview of the constellations and door prizes. There’ll also be a binocular masterclass – event organisers are advising people to bring their binoculars and they’ll be shown “the secrets of the sky with a…

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Lunar Eclipse to be Visible in Ireland

Irish skywatchers hoping to catch a glimpse of the last lunar eclipse in this part of the world until 2015 could be in luck this evening with Met Eireann predicting “good clear spells” in most areas. According to Astronomy Ireland, observers in the east of the country will see the rising moon covered in a dark red colour while people in the west will see most of the moon obscured by the shadow of the Earth. The astronomy club, which has over 12,000 members, says the moon will begin rising towards the east of the country at 10 pm, and viewers will be able to see a red colour on…

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First and last eclipse of 2011 seen today

Sky watchers were treated to the first – and last – partial solar eclipse of 2011 this morning. The spectacle was visible from most parts of Ireland and Northern Europe from 8:37am to 9:26am. David Moore, chairman of Astronomy Ireland, said it is the last time the phenomenon will be seen in Ireland for at least four years. At maximum contact, the moon covered 40pc of the sun.

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Lunar eclipse to turn sky red

The sky over Ireland will appear blood-red just before 8 o’clock tomorrow morning due to a total eclipse of the moon. Tuesday is Winter Solstice 2010 and the full moon will turn red just before sunrise, casting a red hue over the whole sky. Astronomy Ireland said the event is a total lunar eclipse as the moon moves into Earth’s shadow. According to the organisation, sky-gazers will be able to see the moon get gradually darker from 6:32am. At 7:40am the moon will have entered totality. This will be the last total eclipse for at least five years. No viewing equipment is necessary to experience the spectacle. Astronomy Ireland will…

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Shooting Stars Continue to Light Up Sky

The Geminid meteor shower which started last week and hit its peak last night is set to continue tonight. For those who did not get to observe last night, the meteor show continues tonight and every night until December 20. The Geminid shower was due to peak last night, and many observers said they saw up to 100 shooting stars per hour. On Astronomy Ireland’s Facebook page, some ‘fans’ shared their experiences of watching the spectacle last night. The organization advised that star-gazers do not need a telescope or another specialized equipment to view the ‘shooting stars.’ The best place to watch is somewhere dark, uninterrupted by street lights. Astronomy…

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Emma Donoghue’s Room wins at book awards

Some of the shortlisted authors prior to the awards ceremony last night

Breakout author Emma Donoghue was the big winner at the Bord Gáis Irish Book Awards last night as she came away with the Hughes & Hughes Novel of the Year Award for her novel Room. Loosely inspired by the Josef Fritzl case in Austria in 2008, Room tells the story of a boy who lives with his mother in a locked room. It was much-acclaimed and just missed out on winning the Man Booker Prize. The Dublin-born writer said she believed the book touched on the universal theme of a young person discovering there was more to life than the confines of their own little world. The shortlist for the…

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