Why Trump Can’t Erase Puerto Rico’s Massive Debt

Puerto Rico is drowning in debt.

  Is Puerto Rico’s Hurrican Maria Trump’s Katrina? Must Read: Insight on Trump’s Massive Tax Cut (and What It Means For You) $73 Billion. Yes, with a “B” and we didn’t stutter. When it comes to leadership, it is an area in which the President often fails. He talks a big game, but the facts are undeniable. In this case, he can’t just wave his magic wand and make the debt of Puerto Rico disappear. Even the recent tax bill that President Donald Trump heavily hyped there is no relief for residents of Puerto Rico who continue to suffer following being ravaged by hurricane Maria in 2017. So how did it get so bad? Simply put, the government of Puerto Rico had a little translation…

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Project Manager Roles Most in Demand in IT Sector – IT Alliance

Updated: January 17, 2018 Height Adjustable Desks in the Office The traditional “office desk” as shown in the picture above may be a thing of the past. With the increase in health problems amongst office workers, the stand-up adjustable desk is taking off in popularity and is now even being “prescribed” by some doctors. It is no longer considered a “fad.” Experts seem to disagree on the best advice for height adjustable desks.  However, all experts agree that sitting at a desk for more than six hours a day is slowly killing you. That is not a very pleasant thought. Along with the changes in office furniture, growth in cloud computing is fuelling demand for all…

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KBC Research Shows 41pc of Irish Consumers Plan Home Improvements

Irish Home Improvement

Updated: Oct. 13, 2017 Looking for Home Improvement Ideas? New research released by KBC Bank Ireland shows that Irish consumers are on a home improvement buzz. There are good reasons for this trend as rates are low and an influx of good workers are available for hire locally and nearby. A total of 41pc of Irish consumers are planning to tackle home improvements over the next 12–18 months. With a further 23pc having just completed home improvement work in the past year. A desire to freshen up the home (63pc) and create more storage space (30pc) are among the main reasons for upcoming home improvements. Almost one-third (32pc) of prospective DIY-ers said they want…

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Amgen Opens US$300M Manufacturing Facility Dun Laoghaire

Biotech company Amgen’s US$300m state-of-art manufacturing facility in Dun Laoghaire was officially opened this morning. The development project included the construction of an 11,500 sqm production plant known as production module 3 (PM3), a new 5,800 sqm cold-chain warehouse and significant refurbishment of the other buildings that were already on site. Amgen said its new syringe filling facility adds to the capabilities that already exist at the site and positions the Dublin plant as a critical location within the global organization. Work on the project, which was supported by the Department of Jobs through IDA Ireland, began in November 2011 and created over 500 construction jobs. The site was previously owned…

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Nettl:Click&Collect Targets Small Retailers with Launch


A strategic partnership has been announced between web design studio Nettl.com and web transactions company Epos Now, which both expect will “transform the click and collect opportunities” for independent retailers in the Dublin region. In the US, you can turn to web design and SEO in Greenville, SC . Lowering the barrier to entry, the new partnership makes a move to click and collect a viable and cost-efficient option for smaller and medium-sized retailers, the partners say. Nettl.com and Epos Now, which has 10,000 customers in the UK and Ireland, have been collaborating to bring this new integrated concept to market for the past 12 months. Called ‘Nettl:click&collect,’ it is a package which has been specially tailored…

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32,000 New Businesses in 2013 – Ireland’s Entrepreneurs Soars

Some 32,000 people started new businesses in Ireland in 2013, and one 11 in of the adult population are now engaged in some form of early-stage entrepreneurial activity, according to the latest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (Gem). According to the findings, entrepreneurial activity is at its highest since the economic crisis began. The number of people indicating that they intend to start a business in the next three years increased significantly in 2013 and is now at its highest level since Ireland first became involved in Gem research in 2000. Important Factor – Getting Clients One of the most important factors is how to get clients and increase revenue in small business ventures . According to Ian Brodie, “Too many…

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Inaugural UCD VentureLaunch Accelerator Award Won: Health Tech Start-up

A new health technology start-up company, Kinesis Health Technologies Ltd, has won the inaugural University College Dublin (UCD) VentureLaunch Accelerator Award and the €25,000 prize. They were not the expected winner. What did this company do to win this new award? Kinesis Health Technologies has developed QTUG (Quantitative Timed Up and Go), a novel, patent-protected falls risk and mobility assessment technology. With the rising number of falls with adults over 50, KHT came up with a solution. Their solution? Using an approach agreed by the broad range of healthcare professionals to facilitate objective assessments of falls risk in older adults. For example, take the story of Mary Staker, 58, who…

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Major Food Showcase to Happen as Part of Web Summit

The Food Summit Comes to Dublin Updated: November 11, 2017 Dubbed as ‘the largest food showcase in Ireland,’ the Food Summit has been launched in Dublin restaurant O’Connell’s of Donnybrook. Not only is the Food Summit a local favorite, tourists flock to it as well. Ghee, The New Food Summit Entry One of the most fascinating aspects of this Food Summit is the introduction of ghee , which is a type of clarified butter. What makes this truly unique is that it is heated, reduced, and then triple-filtered and what remains is the pure and healthy fat. The amazing part is that is it both lactose and dairy-free, which is in…

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Speakers Share Business Experiences at Enterprise Conference

Representatives from more than 40 of the world’s leading companies, including Toyota, Bosch, Kraft Foods and Volvo, are coming together today at an Enterprise Ireland conference to share practical experiences of what does and doesn’t work in the drive to achieve competitiveness in global markets. International speakers include the president of the board of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland, Carl Klemm, and senior managers from Tetra Pak, Rational, Kostwein, Porsche, Bosch and Volvo. Speakers from Irish companies that have adopted lean business strategies include Diageo, Kepak Group, Combilift, Dairygold, Openet,  Glanbia, Keenans, Chanelle, Kraft Foods and Kerry Group. The ‘Driving Competitiveness’ conference, which is being held in Dublin Castle, was opened this morning by Minister for…

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Techforce Offers Polish HR Solution to Irish Firms

A new company founded by tech entrepreneurs Patrick Leddy and Kevin Greene, Techforce, is recruiting software developers for Irish firms and managing them remotely in Krakow. Specialising in Android, iPhone, PHP, Microsoft and Java developers, Leddy said they started Techforce to “offer a simple solution to a recurring recruitment problem.” Along with software development, work in offering add-ons including top quality  wood iPhone cases, is being looked at seriously. “The more prominent tech firms often snap up the best developers. That tightens the supply and ticks up the cost for everyone else. We solve the problem by designing, supporting and managing skilled, English-speaking software developers, remotely, in low-cost Poland. “Our model enables…

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