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Jeffrey Nadrich Advises Simon Smith to Keep Calm – Despite Rammed By Bus

Simon Smith Bus Accident Redding UK

When The Bus Catches You It was a quiet Saturday morning in the heart of Redding, just east of Edinburgh in the UK, when Simon Smith, was harshly greeted by the city’s bus. This “greeting” can only be described as a spectacular accident with an incredible ending. Upon review of the CCTV footage from The Purple Turtle, a well-known local bar, one would think Smith would be seriously injured, or worse, killed from the impact. However, as the footage shows, Smith stood up on his own and walked into the local bar to have a pint. To which bar patrons began saying “ Keep Calm and Have a Pint .” Smith, 53, was crossing Gun Street…

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Inaugural UCD VentureLaunch Accelerator Award Won: Health Tech Start-up

Inaugural UCD VentureLaunch Accelerator Award Won

A new health technology start-up company, Kinesis Health Technologies Ltd, has won the inaugural University College Dublin (UCD) VentureLaunch Accelerator Award and the €25,000 prize. They were not the expected winner. What did this company do to win this new award? Kinesis Health Technologies has developed QTUG (Quantitative Timed Up and Go), a novel, patent-protected falls risk and mobility assessment technology. With the rising number of falls with adults over 50, KHT came up with a solution. Their solution? Using an approach agreed by the broad range of healthcare professionals to facilitate objective assessments of falls risk in older adults. For example, take the story of Mary Staker, 58, who…

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Leaked Boris Johnson Letter Exposing Irish Border Brexit Issue

Boris Johnson Leaked Letter

In a late eleventh-hour discussion on the first phase of the negotiating period with the EU, there was a promise of “no hard border” on the island of Ireland, but there was no final decision on exactly how that was going to be achieved. The foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, has weighed in with his own solution. In a leaked letter to the Prime Minister, it was stated that the stance with the border could shift. He wrote, “It is wrong to see the task as maintaining ‘no border.’” He feels the government’s task should be to “stop this border from becoming significantly harder.” He next suggested, “Even if a hard…

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Florida Parkland School Shooting Firsthand Accounts

school shooting in Parkland, Florida kills 17

Another School Shooting Rocks the United States in Florida Students Morgan Williams and Ivanna Paitan hid together behind their teacher’s desk as the gunman shot multiple rounds into their classroom. Just a few feet away from where they were hiding, five of their friends were shot. This is their account. “In total, five people in my class were shot,” recalled a visibly shaking Williams. “It sounded like fireworks, and it smelled like fireworks.” Paitan, in a strong a steady voice told reporters, “In one of the videos that was from my class that was on the news…that’s what happened to me.” When asked what she remembered just before the shooting started,…

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Lord Michael Bates Resigns For Being Late

Lord Bates

When Good Manners Trumps a Political Office Often, when you arrive late for work an apology is all that is expected. However, for a British Lord, his lateness came with an apology as well as his resignation. In less than a minute, Lord Bates apologized, and then offered his resignation, and promptly left the House of Lords. “I want to offer my sincere apologies to Baroness Lister for my discourtesy in not being in my place to answer her question on a very important matter at the beginning of questions,” Bates said as he stood amongst his peers. “During the five years in which it’s been my privilege to answer…

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Charlotte Business Leaders Fail to Save NBA All-Star Game

Unless you’ve been hiding out under a rock, you’ve heard about the controversial House Bill 2 in North Carolina, famously referred to “The Bathroom Bill” which has led to boycotts from entertainers and corporations, however, none with a bigger sting than the 2017 NBA All-Star Game which was scheduled to be played in Charlotte and bring in a projection $100 million in revenue. It was pulled by the NBA due to anti-LGBT discrimination. However, HB2 was not about bathroom use, that is what Governor Pat McCrory used as a smoke screen to get put into law that you could no longer sue your employer over a firing due to discrimination.…

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Airbus reveals concept cabin for 2050 air travel

Envisioning what it will be like to fly by 2050, Airbus is showcasing its concept cabin, which it says is inspired by nature and features green technologies to make flying a more interactive experience for passengers. As part of its ‘Vision for Aviation in 2050’, the aircraft manufacturer will be showing its concept cabin to the public at the Le Bourget International Airshow in Paris next week. Airbus says the aircraft’s bionic structure mimics the efficiency of bird bone with an intelligent cabin wall membrane that will control air temperature and can become transparent to give passengers panoramic views. Airbus says passengers in 2050 can sit back and enjoy the…

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Customers are the big picture in Aviva campaign

Aviva has launched its first global brand campaign today – ‘You are the big picture’ which is designed to demonstrate the company’s commitment to putting customers at the centre of its business. As part of the campaign, landmark buildings in six cities around the world – London, Paris, Warsaw, Singapore, Delhi and Mumbai – are being wrapped in portraits of Aviva customers, employees and partners. One building in each city will be handed over to the public with their photos being projected onto giant screens. The campaign kicked off today in London, Warsaw, Paris and Singapore, while Delhi and Mumbai will follow in a month. Buildings such as Sea Containers…

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Innovation: the execution challenge

As he publishes his latest book, The Other Side of Innovation, Ann O’Dea caught up with leading academic Vijay Govindarajan on a recent trip to London to discuss his thoughts on managing innovation. After the success of the much-vaunted 10 Rules for Strategic Innovators, Vijay Govindarajan has teamed up with his Tuck School collaborator Chris Trimble again on a new book that deals with executing innovation within an organisation – The Other Side of Innovation – Solving the Execution Challenge. When we meet in London he has just completed a two-year stint as chief innovation consultant with General Electric (GE), where he worked closely with the iconic Jeff Immelt. He…

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Radio Nova launch to create 32 jobs

The launch of Radio Nova, which has been licensed for Dublin City and the greater Dublin area and will begin broadcasting in September 2010, will result in the creation of 32 jobs – 18 full-time and 14 part-time – over the next two months. The jobs will include full-time presenters, engineers, production teams, researchers, sales and marketing and administrative staff. David Tighe, Radio Nova CEO, is set to sign the station’s contract with the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) today, which concludes the licensing processes. Claiming that a gap exists in the Dublin market for something different in broadcasting, Tighe is forecasting that the station will capture 5pc market share…

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