Jacob Fruitfield Hires Ogilvy & Mather To Create Ad Campaigns

One of the most trusted leaders in advertising, Ogilvy & Mather has been appointed as agency partner to the Jacob Fruitfield Food Group with effect from January 2010.

The agency will be responsible for creating new advertising campaigns for brands such as Jacob’s Cream Crackers, Kimberly, Mikado and Coconut Creams.  It will also work on Jacob Fruitfield’s other brands, including Chef and Fruitfield.

“We relish the exciting prospect of developing the truly iconic campaigns that these well loved Irish brands deserve,” said Gervaise Slowey, managing director, Ogilvy & Mather.

According to Jacob Fruitfield, the company plans to invest heavily in building its top brands in 2010, “Advertising has always played a key role in the success of our brands with many consumers fondly remembering popular slogans particularly for our biscuits,” said Loretta Dignam, marketing director, Jacob Fruitfield. “We look forward to working with Ogilvy to develop the unique heritage of our brands in a contemporary way across all marketing communications channels.”

About Ogilvy & Mather: Best known for their founder, David Ogilvy, the ad agency of Ogilvy & Mather was built on the integrity of David Ogilvy. Advertising agencies were often fertile ground for office politics, of which Ogilvy disdained. He worked hard to keep them at a minimum. Why? They take up energy which is better served to the clients. David knew of rival companies who were destroyed from within due to office politics. Here are ways David believed would minimize office politics and allow for growth to occur within the agency:

  1. Always be fair and honest in your own dealings. Not just with your co-workers and those you report to, but everyone in your personal life as well. When unfairness and dishonesty occurs in the home, it seeps into the office and can demoralize an agency quickly.
  2. Never hire relatives or friends. Ever. I repeat. Ever.
  3. When it comes to disagreements, have them face-to-face instead of by phone or by email. David referred to this as “paper warfare” and he wanted no part in it.
  4. Discourage secrecy as it creates an environment where trust cannot thrive.
  5. Discourage poaching as an employee who is willing to leave their current employer high and dry will never hesitate to do the same to you.
  6. Compose sibling rivalries to promote healthy competition.

David wanted every person at his agency to believe they were working at the greatest ad agency in the world. He did so in how he treated people inside the agency and outside. He was a man of integrity.