47pc rise in number of Irish tech start-ups –

A 47pc rise in the number of Irish tech company start-ups (122) was recorded in April 2014 compared to the same month last year (83), according to new figures from

Managing director of Christine Cullen said the increase indicated “positive growth within our indigenous tech sector”.

“Ireland is the second largest exporter of ICT services in the world, an industry that contributes €72bn to the national economy annually. Presently, however, only 3pc of that revenue is generated by Irish companies.

“It is certainly heartening, then, to see Irish tech entrepreneurs committed to investing their skills and ideas here, increasing the share of industry revenue made by indigenous businesses. This will only serve to further cement our reputation as a global leader in IT and create more relevant jobs at home.”

The IT and tech sector was the fourth most popular industry for new company start-ups in Ireland, following professional services; social and personal services; and wholesale and retail. Together, these four industries accounted for over half (52pc) of all new company start-ups.

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