Dublin’s Radio Nova Under Fire For Untimely ‘Riot’ Adverts

Dublin-based radio station, Radio Nova, has put out a statement this evening denying that it has attempted to take advantage of the recent civil unrest in the UK by releasing a citywide advertising campaign featuring the Kaiser Chief song ‘I Predict a Riot’.

The move follows complaints both to the radio station itself, and to the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland. The advertisement for the rock music station on buses and 48 sheets over the past number of days has created somewhat of a stir.

Pictures of the offending adverts have also been posted on various news-related Twitter feeds and websites.

“The advert was posted as part of an outdoor advertising campaign that we launched in July and the posters and lower rears are still visible around the city,” said a spokesman for the station, Kevin Branigan.

“The ‘I Predict a Riot’ advert was one of four adverts that we rolled out as part of the campaign. There is no way that we could have foreseen the current civil unrest in the UK.”

“We intend to respond to all concerns in full,” said Branigan. However, Radio Nova also claims that it is powerless to prevent the continuing display of the adverts as they “have already been posted”.