Jameson fans to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a global party

Jameson is running a global St Patrick’s Day party for online and real-world fans over 48 hours across four continents and seven time zones.

The Jameson Global Party will take place in 18 different venues across the world, including Dublin, Sofia, Johannesburg, London, Montreal, Berlin and Astana.

Using a range of digital initiatives, the Jameson Global Party will link the events at varying levels of connection, from photostreams and video greetings right through to a full three and a half hour TV-style broadcast live from the Mansion House in Dublin, Taboo in Johannesburg and The Military Club in Sofia.

The broadcast will be headlined by Groove Armada and supported by Irish acts Codes and Republic of Loose in Dublin and numerous other leading acts from Bulgaria and South Africa.

The entire international broadcast is being produced by Irish company, vStream Digital Media.

The 2011 events will be streamed live to the public around the world integrating live twitter and Facebook interaction as well as back-stage access at 20.00 GMT on 17 March 2011.

“The St Patrick’s Day activity in 2010 resulted in 100,000 people going online and generated significant conversation in the social media sphere,” said vStream’s technical director, Andrew Jenkinson. “For 2011 we are anticipating even greater engagement and have worked hard during the intervening twelve months to meet the technical and infrastructural challenges of such a massive event.”