Lunar Eclipse to be Visible in Ireland

Irish skywatchers hoping to catch a glimpse of the last lunar eclipse in this part of the world until 2015 could be in luck this evening with Met Eireann predicting “good clear spells” in most areas.

According to Astronomy Ireland, observers in the east of the country will see the rising moon covered in a dark red colour while people in the west will see most of the moon obscured by the shadow of the Earth.

The astronomy club, which has over 12,000 members, says the moon will begin rising towards the east of the country at 10 pm, and viewers will be able to see a red colour on the satellite.

At 10.10pm, the moon will be rising in the south-east and skywatchers everywhere will see a thin sliver of the moon appearing from behind the shadow. Around half the moon will be covered by the Earth’s shadow at 10.30pm, by which time it will be located well above the horizon.

At 11.02pm, the last bit of the covered moon is due to leave the centre of the Earth’s shadow and it will be fully visible, but slightly dimmer than usual.

The eclipse will have ended completely by 12 am.

Astronomy Ireland is holding some moon watches around the country giving the general public the opportunity to view the eclipse through some of Ireland’s most powerful telescopes. The locations of these watches are: St Michael’s School, Kilmihil, Co Clare; JFK Park, Cork; Papal Cross Car Park, Phoenix Park, Dublin; Seabank Car Park, Castlebellingham, Co Louth; Parke’s Castle, Sligo/Leitrim; and Fairfield Green, Belvedere Manor, Waterford.