Tech multinational EMC has developed an innovation platform from its Cork base specifically designed for industrial internet of things (IoT) development, in partnership with Vodafone Ireland.

Involving an initial €2m investment and called Infinite, this is the first large-scale Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) approved industrial IoT innovation platform in Europe.

The platform is spread across three data centres – those of EMC, Vodafone and data centre and cloud provider Cork Internet eXchange in Cork.

IoT involves processes such as manufacturing to everyday objects, including household appliances and even clothing, containing sensors that are connected to the internet and generating data for analysis.

Infinite encompasses all the significant technologies, domains and platforms to support businesses to introduce major advancements in cloud, networks, mobile, wireless, edge gateways, sensors and analytics that are defining IoT globally.

This will be made available to organisations that want to create products capitalising upon IoT and will considerably reduce their cost and time of development.

“Infinite will prove to be a valuable industrial internet test-bed for a countless number of industries including smart cities and healthcare,” said Dr Richard Soley, executive director, IIC.

“As the need for more dynamic systems continues to grow, organisations will turn to utilising mobile networks to connect to virtual systems.

“This test-bed is going to prove the viability of doing all this with systems that require the utmost security – such as those used by hospitals and emergency medical services.”

IDA Ireland has identified IoT as a growth opportunity for Ireland and is supporting this investment.

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