How to Make New Friends

body language
Learn to read body language. You’ll have a better idea of what someone is really telling you…

  • When someone smiles, look at his/her face—real smiles crinkle the eyes.
  • A tilted head and wide-open eyes suggest a willingness to listen.
  • Someone who is biting his lips may feel he is being criticized.
  • People cross their legs when they feel defensive and cross their arms when they want to be convinced.
  • Leaning back shows friendliness—or feeling in control.

Helpful when meeting someone new:

Establish rapport by mirroring some of his signals, such as leaning forward or smiling. Or use the same body positions.

jo ellansJo-Ellan Dimitrius, PhD, is a jury consultant and coauthor of Reading People: How to Understand People and Predict Their Behavior-—Anytime, Anyplace.