MobileWebAdz Fourth Fastest Growing Tech Company in the UK

A company set up by Kerryman Kieran O’Keefe, MobileWebAdz has been recognised by the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 as the fourth fastest growing technology company in the UK.

Headquartered in London, MobileWebAdz specialises in the field of mobile internet advertising, displaying 18 billion ads a month across mobile websites in over 200 countries, positioning it within the top ten companies in the world in this sector.

O’Keefe founded it originally as Smart Tech in 2002 and then focused on mobile advertising in 2005 and has since rebranded as MobileWebAdz.

Its main markets include Europe, the US, South East Asia, South America and the Far East.

Now employing 38 people and with revenues of around €30m expected for 2012, MobileWebAdz has expanded rapidly, opening seven offices in Tokyo, Mumbai, Capetown, Manila, Phoenix and San Francisco.

O’Keeffe is now eyeing further expansion in Brazil and South Korea extending the company’s market share in South America and the Far East.

Looking ahead O’Keeffe aims to generate €100m per annum in revenue by 2015 and is tentatively exploring options for expansion of operations into Ireland.

“We thought to ourselves we were doing well, but it’s great to be told that we are. It has been tough getting to this point as we like every start-up had some lean years while we developed our technology,” he said.

“Our company has ridden the mobile internet wave that started with the launch of the iPhone in 2007 and has been further spurred on by the increasing popularity of smart phones. Our aim now is to push on and hope to become one of Europe’s tech successes.”

O’Keeffe continued: “The mobile internet is one of the fastest expanding business areas in the world and capitalising on this sector has become a major industry. None of which is surprising when you consider there are four times as many phones in the world as PCs.

“Looking at the mobile advertising segment alone, Silicon Valley sources are projecting growth from a €5bn market in 2012 to €18bn in 2016. The fanatical response by consumers to the iPhone 5 is a ringing endorsement of the exploding development of the mobile internet advertising market.”