Graham Ryan and Michelle O’Beirne

Graduates go to global markets as part of Jameson programme
Graham Ryan and Michelle O’Beirne at the launch of the Jameson Graduate Programme 2012/13

Some 35 graduates are to be allocated to global markets across five continents as part of this year’s Jameson Graduate Programme, the highest number since it began in 1991.

The 35 graduates will have the opportunity to work as a Jameson brand ambassador for one year in an international market.

For the first time, two production graduates will based in Ireland and one graduate will be based in Japan; an emerging market for the Jameson brand.

The programme combines a mixture of field and office based activities and throughout the year, brand ambassadors will deal on a daily basis with local businesses across the various markets.

There are currently 65 former graduates working across the Pernod Ricard Group and there is a 50pc graduate retention rate after three years. This year alone 13 graduates are being given a year two placement and five graduates are moving on to a third year on the programme.

Up to 2011, there have been over 200 graduates recruited. The company is now the world’s leading producer of Irish Whiskey, selling in excess of 3.9 million cases per annum in over 120 markets globally.

This year six graduates will be placed throughout the US, in response to the 30pc growth of the brand in that market.