A 72-hour social initiative, which kicked off today in Sweden, is aiming to come up with at least 60 well-formed ideas for world peace over the next three days.

The ‘Create for Change’ programme, which promotes projects dedicated to global positive change, was devised by communications, business management and leadership company Hyper Island, and ad agencyCrispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B).

During the “72-Hours for Peace” event, the companies’ creatives and strategists will guide 300 digital creative students at Hyper Island’s Stockholm and Karlskrona campuses as they explore ways to use technology to encourage peace within their communities, resulting in complete and viable concepts that will be free and available for anyone to implement.

The companies said the entire process will unfold across multiple platforms and the public is invited to follow the event in real time and contribute to the creation process. Final concepts will be uploaded to www.72hoursforpeace.se with the ultimate goal of establishing the largest global creative commons database of ideas for peace.

“We are co-creating this event with Hyper Island to introduce and challenge their students to our creative process,” said Per Rundgren, creative technology director, CP+B. “When we realised we would have 10,000+ man hours of creative thinking happening over the course of three days, the urge to leverage it for an altruistic cause was irresistible.”

On the first day of the event today, 60 teams of five students will undergo a creative exploration before entering into a facilitated idea generation process designed to identify as many fleshed-out concepts as possible.

Tomorrow, global organisations and social entrepreneurs will share best practices and inspiration with the group. Each team of students will pitch five ideas to their peers until one or more ideas are selected for further development.

By Friday, each team will upload a video presentation articulating their plan or plans for peace to 72hoursforpeace.se, which will serve as the creative commons database.

“Using technology to drive social good is a responsibility, not an option,” said Johanna Frelin, CEO of Hyper Island. “Today, we have access to the talent and the tools needed to harness the power of collective action and bring about real social change. With CP+B on our side, Hyper Island has a real opportunity to inspire the world to Create for Change.

72-Hours for Peace marks the start of Hyper Island’s ongoing ‘Create for Change’ initiative, which brings together students and the global Hyper Island network of alumni, fellows, global brands and agencies to create solutions for positive global change.