Daniela Cambone – Why Your Investment Portfolio Needs Her Advice


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When it comes to active and trusted financial analysts in today's market who deliver the correct information at the right time, there are far more pretenders than those with a proven track record. Even rarer are female analysts in this male-dominated industry, and one is quickly making a name for herself, Daniela Cambone.

How the Fed Has Lost Control

We are facing unprecedented times. As we see nearly in real-time, the Fed is losing control of the "Fed Funds Rate" in the short end. How? Most experts, including Cambone, point to the logical issue of the astronomically high rate the deficits in the United States are growing, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Most experts also agree this madness, including the high inflation rate, has been underreported.

Another reason is the official foreign sector not buying at all on the net. Compounding the issue is the foreign private sector does not believe enough to help even out the markets. They are buying some unhedged but not nearly enough relative to the size of the deficits we're running.

What To Do When The Markets "Get Ugly"

While it is never a good idea for you to try and  guess where a particular market is going, what is essential is to have a solid plan, well-thought-out and written down so you can refer back to it, so you don't get sidetracked. You also don't want to modify your plan in your head to try and make up for losses, which usually results in more casualties, especially in a Bear Market. Bear Markets tend to get uglier before they get better.

Stay committed to your plan and have a solid advisory service to ensure your plan falls within the guidelines of leading experts, such as Daniela Cambone. Short-term and long-term goals are vital for your investment success.


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Daniela Cambone - Precious Metals Expert - Investing in Gold

Investing in gold is something new or inexperienced investors think is "a sure thing." It isn't. Trust in precious metals expert Daniela Cambone to understand how to correctly and successfully add gold to your investment portfolio and the indicators to look for when buying or selling.