SalesPulse launches ‘Rollcall’ app for primary schools

Irish software firm SalesPulse has launched an app called ‘Rollcall’, which allows teachers to record absenteeism on their smartphones.

Developing dedicated software for primary schools since it was founded in Kilkenny 10 years ago, SalesPulse’s Primary Schools Administration System is now in place in over 300 schools across Ireland.

This system tracks school attendance, returns to the Department of Education, bulk mails and texts to parents, parents’ contact details, school accounts and payments from students among other services.

SalesPulse recently upgraded this software to a secure cloud based system allowing school principals, teachers and school secretaries to access the system from the classroom, the office or remotely.

The new ‘Rollcall’ app is an add-on to the existing system, being offered free to existing customers.

Updating attendance through the app is simple, with teachers only having to flag who is absent. The app then updates the roll book for the school principal on the school’s admin system.

“With almost 80pc of people in Ireland owning smartphones, our ‘Rollcall’ app is something new to the market. We are confident that teachers will find this app extremely useful, saving time and hassle,” said Brian Kelly, SalesPulse.

“It also means attendance records are accessible to teacher and principal immediately, alerting to any unexplained absences.”

Latest research released by the National Education Welfare Board found that over 31,400 primary students miss school daily.

It also found that 12pc of Ireland’s 506,000 primary school students are absent for 20 days or more during the school year.