MoPowered develops mobile commerce platform for SMEs

MoPowered develops mobile commerce platform for SMEs
MoPowered develops mobile commerce platform for SMEs

A recent study on mobile commerce and SME retailers, carried out by OnePoll on behalf of MoPowered, has found that some 76pc of SME retailers do not have a mobile commerce site, but 89pc thought mCommerce was necessary for growth in the retail industry.

The retailers surveyed believed that mobile commerce sales would increase by a third in the next five years but 79pc said they had found shopping via mobile on non mobile optimised sites slow and difficult to navigate. In fact 27pc had abandoned mobile transactions.

MoPowered says that while these statistics comes as no surprise, it has developed a Pay Per Performance model for mobile commerce.

“It means there are no prohibitive upfront costs,” says the company. “Retailers pay via a percentage of the transactions that they receive through their shiny new mobile site.”

MoPowered has developed bespoke mobile commerce sites for large retailers including HMV and Waterstones. Based on this experience they have developed a Pay Per Performance (PPP) model especially for SMEs.

MoPowered’s OnePoll survey highlighted barriers onto mCommerce, which are well known: time, cost and lack of technological expertise.

According to MoPowered, this platform solves these issues. “Cost barriers are removed, no technological knowledge is needed and retailers can get a mobile site up and running within a matter of weeks.”

Since launching this model MoPowered has seen a variety of SME retailers coming on board including hat makers, equestrian suppliers and cycling specialists. And on average these retailers are seeing around 10pc of their business coming through the mobile channel, the company says.

“All the stats show that this figure will only continue to grow, especially with the introduction of 4G. Once 4G is introduced many consumers will have access to faster broadband on their phones than on their desktop computers. This will lead to a further rapid increase in mCommerce.”

For more information, see this video, which explains the survey results and the MoPowered platform: