Carlsberg’s new TD ad is set to air in Ireland tomorrow, 15 February before any other market in the world.

‘Spartacus’, a take on the 1960s film of the same name, is set in an ultra-modern skyscraper office where hundreds of people are working in an extremely orderly and mundane environment.

The film starts when the intimidating boss of the company enters the room in a fit of rage, demanding to find the culprit of an office prank that resulted in him being depicted as a monkey.

Leading the way, the hero ‘Spartacus’ stands up and identifies himself as the prankster.

Demonstrating their loyalty, his fellow colleagues decide to stand up for their mate and join him one by one claiming to be Spartacus as well until the majority of the vast room are standing up in force to take the heat.

The ad ends with the team of workmates heading to the bar for a well-deserved pint of Carlsberg, underlining the brand’s positioning – ‘That calls for a Carlsberg’.

“To coincide with the launch we will be running a themed competition on the Carlsberg Ireland Facebook page starting on 18 February, to give away Expedia holiday vouchers worth €1,500 and €500 spending money,” said Julie Allman, senior brand manager at Carlsberg.

The commercial was created by London-based creative agency Fold7 in partnership with Carlsberg’s international brand marketing team.

The ad will be rolled out across Carlsberg’s global markets, starting in Ireland.

It will be aired across traditional media and digital channels and will be complemented by a suite of activations, based on the same theme of standing up for your mates.

The ad will be supported by substantial media spend in the Irish market.