Professional Flight Training Exhibition to take place in Dublin in March

The Professional Flight Training Exhibition is set to take place in The Convention Centre Dublin on Saturday, 22 March.

Organisers are expecting to welcome hundreds of young Irish hopefuls to the seventh annual event.

Budding aviators will have the opportunity to meet with airline representatives and flight training professionals to explore a career as a commercial pilot.

The one-day exhibition is aimed at helping Ireland’s new fleet of pilots to explore future opportunities and to assist them in determining the requirements, career prospects and flight training costs of becoming a highly trained commercial pilot.

Experienced flight trainers will be available to provide information and advice about how to become a commercial pilot and explain the step-by-step training available, as well as what a professional pilot can achieve in this growing industry.

“The Professional Flight Training Exhibition will give people interested in starting a career in the aviation industry the opportunity to meet former cadets and gain from their professional expertise,” said Darran Ward, exhibition manager.

“Leading training providers and experts from major airlines will be available to give guidance, for one day only in Dublin’s Convention Centre. This event is designed to help to get their careers in the aviation industry ready for take-off.”

Irish Industry leaders such as the Irish Airline Pilots Association, Aer Lingus and Aer Arann support the exhibition. Simtech Aviation Training also plays a major role in the event.