NUI Galway and Intel are to work together on research in the areas of high performance computing (HPC) and big data analytics. As part of the new agreement, the two will establish the Intel Parallel Computing Centre in the Irish Centre for High End Computing (ICHEC) in NUI Galway.

The new centre aims to significantly improve parallelism, scalability and efficiencies of existing high performance computing applications.

Intel will fund the research programme led by director of the ICHEC, Prof JC Desplat. The programme will foster the uptake of current and next generation Intel many core technology, such as the Intel Xeon Phi co-processor.

“Intel is pleased to expand our Intel Parallel Computing Centre programme by collaborating with National University of Ireland, Galway and ICHEC,” said Intel vice president and director of Intel Labs Europe, Martin Curley. “This new centre creates an opportunity for Intel, NUI Galway and ICHEC to innovate and optimise applications which benefit industry and science in Ireland, Europe, and globally.”

“As a country, Ireland excels in the effective use of high-performance computing, and today’s partnership consolidates that standing,” said Prof Desplat. “The outcome of this ambitious programme will be improved software solutions in areas such as materials science, weather forecasting and data analytics.”

“We in NUI Galway are proud of our long association with ICHEC, since its establishment and are very pleased to support their ongoing work,” said NUI Galway president Dr Jim Browne. “We believe that ICHEC’s mission is vital for Ireland and that its services are very important to academia and industry alike. We are delighted to be working with Intel in this way and look forward to our continuing partnership.”