Trans-fats in Foods: Where Are They Hiding?

Transfats aren't always easy to spot.

Transfats can be hidden in foods you would not expect.

There are 7,000 deaths and more than 20,000 heart attacks per year and experts state these numbers could be severely reduced if trans-fats were eliminated from the food supply.

However, you have an uprising of people who don’t like the government telling them what to do and what is good for them to eat. “It’s my body, my choice,” said one visibly obese woman. While it may be your body, when it comes to health care and putting unneeded pressure on a system that is already busting at the seams (no pun intended) isn’t what is best for society.

Obesity is at an all-time high and we are in an age where information is literally at your fingertips with smart phones, yet people continue to make poor choices when it comes to their health. So the argument that a person is smart and can make informed choices cannot be taken seriously just by spending an afternoon “people watching” in any downtown area of any city in the United States.

While most people would assume the transfat would be present in the meat of a burger, they may be surprised that the bun actually contains more transfat. This is promote longer shelf life in large commercial bakeries which service a large area, even the entire country.

The government doesn’t exactly have a solid track record of being correct when it comes to health recommendations. It was the government which came up with the “food pyramid” which turns out to be wrong, they said eggs were bad for you. Wrong. They even recommend a low-fat diet, which caused sugar consumption to skyrocket, which led to a higher level of heart disease.

If the government would just sick to a simple formula: If it comes from a plant made by nature, eat it. If it comes from a plant made by man, avoid it.