Sleep monitor launched in Japan using BiancaMed technology

ResMed Inc has announced the launch of the first product in Japan using technology developed by its BiancaMed division headquartered at University College Dublin (UCD).

The product, launched by BiancaMed partner Omron Healthcare, is a new wireless sleep monitoring device.

The Omron Sleep Design HSL-101 uses BiancaMed technology to offer wireless, non-contact sleep monitoring, which in turn connects to healthcare support services in Japan.

The device is part of a new ‘All for Healthcare’ strategy by Omron.

To use the Omron Sleep Design HSL-101, a patient places the device beside the bed. With the non-contact sensing technology it measures sleep throughout the night and can report key sleep quality metrics, such as sleep onset time and total sleep time.

“Insufficient sleep in itself may be an indicator of another underlying problem, sleep-disordered breathing, which is known to cause and negatively impact heart disease, diabetes, stroke, COPD and more recently, cancer. In seeking to realise a society where people can enjoy healthy and comfortable lives, the prevention of lifestyle diseases is one of Omron’s and our primary objectives,” said Dr Conor Hanley, managing director, ResMed BiancaMed division.

“We look forward to continued collaboration with Omron, as well as working with new global healthcare partners on innovations that advance sleep medicine, and improve health and quality of lives.”

ResMed acquired BiancaMed, a UCD spin-out company, in 2011.