Reward Emplyee

A lack of recognition is the number one cause of employee dissatisfaction. Give creatively to employees, and they will give back productivity, loyalty and team spirit.

Here are low-cost ways to reward employees:

  • Name it.

    If Kelly was drinking coffee while working on a report until 2 am, post a sign on the coffeemaker dedicating it to her. Name the conference room after the employee who scored a big account. Change the names as the people who deserve recognition change.

  • Bribe the spouse.

    Show appreciation to the support person behind the star employee. A simple note works. Flowers, wine or dinner is even better.

  • Give discounts.

    Macy’s employees enjoy discounted store purchases, but how do you give discounts to employees at a plastics factory? If your plastics company sells to a toy manufacturer, ask the manufacturer to give your employees a discount on its merchandise in December. Or if you’re buying bulk coffee at discounted prices for the office, buy extra cases that employees can purchase at the same rate.

  • Encourage employees to applaud one another.

    One way is to take turns awarding a special coin or trophy at monthly meetings. The reigning champion could make a short speech praising the person that he/she felt contributed the most over the past month and then present the award to the new winner.

  • Create a Wall of Fame in a public space to showcase employee accomplishments.

    Display awards employees have won, or simply post a letter from a satisfied customer.

  • Put on a one-minute parade.

    To celebrate a star employee, march around his desk wearing newspaper hats and blowing kazoos.