Euromedic Ireland Opening €1.5m Scanning Clinic in Meath Primary Care Clinic

Euromedic Ireland opening

Euromedic Ireland opening €1.5m scanning clinic in Meath Primary Care clinic
Pictured: Pat Nolan, developer of Meath Primary Care; Dr. Safia Sayed, GP at Meath Primary Care; and Colm Davitt, chief executive of Euromedic Ireland

Euromedic Ireland has announced the opening of a new €1.5m medical scanning clinic in Dublin city centre.

The centre, which will be located in the new €6m Meath Primary Care clinic on the site of the former Meath Hospital in Dublin 8, will open in June and will offer access to MRI and ultrasound scans.

The facility, Euromedic’s seventh in Ireland, will create five new jobs in the administration and clinical areas.

“Since opening our first centre in Ireland in 2007, over one million people have received scans in our centres throughout the country,” said Euromedic Ireland CEO Colm Davitt. “Our partnership with Meath Primary Care demonstrates our firm commitment to the delivery of accessible primary care diagnostics in the community. The opening will lessen the burden on the local hospitals and assist GPs in delivering an efficient primary care service for the Dublin 8 community and beyond.”

Over 100 people will be employed at the 30,000 sq ft Meath Primary Care when the centre is fully operational in July 2014.  It will also house 10 GPs, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dental clinic, audiology, wound clinic, pharmacy, and an extensive consultant suite that will include orthopedic and ophthalmology services.

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