Munster Rugby and Trend Micro Join to Promote Children Internet Safety

Munster Rugby and Trend Micro teamPromoting the positive aspects of the internet as well as internet safety is the theme of Trend Micro’s annual ‘What’s your Story’ competition, which invites children to create and submit a two-minute video or a poster to enter.

Munster Rugby has been working with Trend Micro in recent weeks, participating at school training sessions to explain to children and students that people of all ages can experience cyberbullying and need to be aware of safety online.

“Munster Rugby has been really supportive of the What’s Your Story competition run by Trend Micro,” explained Avril Ronan, co-ordinator of the Internet Safety programme for Kids and Families.

“Getting kids to express the positive sides of the internet through a video or poster they create themselves enables them to see the good things about the web. This is really important to ensure that kids grow up benefiting from the amazing resources that the web offers, as well as taking up careers in technology, which is so vital for the Irish economy. There needs to be more of a balance in communication when it comes to the internet, information, and advice on cyber safety.”

Recently Stephen Archer, Billy Holland and Scott Deasy of Munster Rugby accompanied Trend Micro staff to the Bishopstown Community School to deliver the peer-to-peer training programme, and promote the ‘What’s Your Story’ competition.

“It’s really important for kids to see that the Internet is a great place to play but like all playgrounds, kids need to be aware of their own behavior and that of others and protect themselves and their digital identity as necessary,” said Enda Lynch, commercial and marketing manager, Munster Rugby.

“Munster Rugby’s participation in this programme helps school children to see that adults too can be affected by bullying online and that it’s okay to talk about the challenges they face online such as cyber bullying and cyber safety.”

Entries for the What’s Your Story competition can be submitted at before 16 April. Videos and posters will be available to view and vote on up until 30 April when the final judging will take place.