YouTube adds e-commerce capabilities like downloads and ticket sales

YouTube, which now has 800 million visitors per month, has added new capabilities that will enable its partners to sell concert tickets, digital downloads and other services via what it calls its new Merch Store.

“We’re launching a feature called the Merch Store that will allow YouTube partners to offer fans merchandise directly on your channel,” explained Christian Weitenberner, senior technical account manager, YouTube.

The move adds a new e-commerce dimension and the prospect of new revenue streams other than advertising.

In recent weeks YouTube added movie rental capabilites in the UK.

“Fans will be able to buy artists’ merchandise, digital downloads, concert tickets and even unique experiences like meetups.

“These features are made possible through affiliates like Topspin for merchandise, concert tickets and experiences; Songkick for concerts; and iTunes and Amazon for music downloads. We’ll be rolling out the Merch Store to music partners globally over the coming weeks.”

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