Seán Quinn’s son and nephew sentenced to three months in jail

Sean Quinn again points finger at accountants
Seán Quinn’s son and nephew sentence to three months in jail Pictured: Seán Quinn snr

The son and nephew of businessman Seán Quinn have been sentenced to three months in prison for contempt of court.

Justice Elizabeth Dunne made orders today to jail Seán Quinn jnr and Peter Darragh Quinn for trying to hide assets from the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC), which was formerly Anglo Irish Bank.

The judge said Sean Quinn snr was not being jailed so he would have time to comply with the court orders and to reverse asset stripping measures.

Earlier today, a warrant was issued for Peter Darragh Quinn’s arrest when he failed to attend court this morning for sentencing.

The judge said the two men could apply to the court to leave jail if they believed they had purged their contempt before the end of the three months.

In June 2011, a High Court order was made which specified that the Quinns could not put international property beyond the reach of IBRC, which claims that the family owes it €2bn.

The three were found to be in contempt of court last month. At the time, they were told to reverse the movement of assets out of the reach of the IBRC. They were also given three weeks to fully disclose all assets in which they hold an interest and to resign from their executive and non-executive positions in all International Property Group (IPG) companies.