Colin Tedards

Colin Tedards

Colin Tedards is an esteemed editor and a seasoned investment analyst with a multifaceted background that straddles technology, finance, and web development. A California native with Silicon Valley's innovative spirit in his DNA, Tedards's investment acumen took root with his first foray into the stock market in 1999, turning a modest $1,000 investment into a springboard for future success.

A graduate of California State University, Stanislaus, Tedards cultivated a robust foundation in Economics and Business Management, which equipped him with the analytical tools necessary to navigate the complex landscape of investment and business strategy. His entrepreneurial journey began with the opening of a retail store in 2006, an endeavor that, despite succumbing to the great recession, set the stage for a remarkable pivot into technology.

Self-taught in coding, Tedards spent the subsequent years building and monetizing successful websites. His foresight during the stock market crash of 2008/09 saw him make strategic investments that paid off handsomely, enabling him to buy a house in California with his wife, Annie, using the proceeds from the sale of those stocks in 2016.

As a vanguard in financial analysis, Tedards began contributing to Seeking Alpha in 2014, quickly establishing himself as a Top 10 Technology Author and offering market-beating insights into companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. His prowess in financial writing and analysis is matched by his impact on YouTube, where he hosts The Investor Channel. Here, his single stock coverage has captivated over 10 million viewers, earning him a reputation as a sage of the stock market.

Currently holding the position of Senior Research Analyst at Legacy Research Group since May 2023, Tedards is based in Delray Beach, Florida, providing incisive, actionable analysis on technology investments. His expertise is underscored by a remarkable online marketing skill set and a keen sense for networking, which he utilizes to disseminate engaging, informative content to a diverse pool of investors.

Outside of his professional commitments, Tedards dedicates time to nurturing the next generation of investors, teaching stock market classes to junior high students. His commitment to education extends beyond the classroom, seeking to empower a global community of investors with reliable and relevant financial information.

Tedards remains a devoted sports fan, rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals, LA Lakers, and San Francisco Giants. He continues to engage his passion for web design and coding, boasting an impressive online presence and proficiency in digital marketing. Whether analyzing the latest earnings report or teaching investment fundamentals, Colin Tedards embodies the bridge between technology's cutting edge and sound financial stewardship.