Joshua Shuemake Consulting **2024** Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas


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In the tech-heavy pit of the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas is an up-and-coming IT Wizard solving IT problems deemed "impossible" by other IT solution provider firms.

His name is Joshua Shuemake.

Joshua Shuemake-Senior IT Manager in the Dallas
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"I'm just doing my job and taking care of my clients," said Shuemake with a humble tone. "I learned from my grandfather that every problem has a solution, no matter how difficult. You have to find it."

And find it he has.

After working for years as a Senior IT Manager in the Dallas / Ft. Worth tech hub, Shuemake witnessed the layoffs due to COVID restrictions and lessened demand for in-house experts. At the time, he realized that companies such as his current employer would soon be laying him off and hiring an outside IT firm to replace him and his colleagues.

He was right.

He launched Joshua Shuemake Consulting (IT Solutions Wizard) and now handles multiple clients on a "full-time" contract and also handles "house calls," where he will come and fix the issue at hand.

Joshua Shuemake Consulting
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"It's been a dream, really," shrugged Shuemake. "I mean, all I am doing is what I did before, just with different companies. I don't get bored, and I'm making almost double working 30 hours a week."

IT Technology—Shuemake ensures his clients are up to date with hardware specifications and software. He also trains the staff on proper usage and protocols for when something isn't working. The key is speed and keeping the systems online.

Customer Support Problems—Although it doesn't technically fall under the "IT Consulting" umbrella, Joshua Shuemake can handle your customer support problems, too, by giving you REAL solutions.

IT Consulting Services - Shuemake offers his clients a complete menu of services and network support.

  • IT Infrastructure: Shuemake states that the majority of his calls are due to a system or network misconfigured. "It is clear to me that other IT Managers just don't know the systems they are managing," pointed out Shuemake. "Literally, yesterday there was a system I hadn't worked with; I followed the manual and got it back online. It was simple."
  • Information Technology Solutions: Most companies are hoping for solutions from their IT provider, but rarely are the answers they really need. To give the right solution, the problem must be accurately understood, and that is a rare event, according to Shuemake. Because he takes the time to analyze how the system is attempted to be run and the actual results, Shuemake knows exactly what to do next. Sometimes it is tweaking the system, so it works as intended; other times, additional hardware or software must be implemented to reach the solution. Has there been a complete overall? Once says Shuemake, the system installed was seven years old at the time and had to be replaced.
  • Customer Support: One of the biggest headaches and costly departments of a company, taking care of current customer issues and having a system that can get the technician the right information they need at the right time.
  • Business Security / Internet Security: There is nothing worse than hearing the news that your system has been hacked by an outsider. Worse, when that happens by an internal employee. Shuemake can set up so both can't happen. Protecting your business and your livelihood.
  • Computer Repair: get your computers serviced or repaired at your current location instead of at the tech shop. Keep your confidential information confidential.