Ireland on track to meet 2020 renewables target with wind, says IWEA

Some 142 MW of new wind generation capacity has been installed in Ireland so far this year, representing a total investment of €225m, according to new figures from the Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA).

Speaking on Global Wind Day, which is marked internationally today, “Through the delivery of wind energy we remain on track to meet our 2020 renewable electricity targets, but it’s essential that policy makers maintain a stable policy environment to allow Ireland to continue to harness this home-grown Irish electricity and reap the considerable economic and social benefits we’ll gain from that,” said Kenneth Matthews CEO of IWEA.

Last year, €352m was invested in Irish wind energy projects.

The IWEA said around 250MW of new wind capacity is required annually over the next few years to ensure Ireland meets its 2020 targets, which over a period of five years will involve investment of approximately €2.4bn.

“As a country which is currently 85pc dependent on foreign energy imports, costing Ireland more than €6bn per year, wind energy is helping Ireland to secure our own clean energy future and is making a positive contribution to communities across the country,” said Matthews.

The IWEA released the figures today to coincide with Global Wind Day. As part of the events to market the day, a number of Irish wind farms have been hosting open days, community runs, schools visits, photo competitions, and educational family events around the country during the month.

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