Irish Cancer Society and Dell Ireland Appeal Support Daffodil Day

Irish Cancer Society
Irish Cancer Society and Dell Ireland appeal for business support for Daffodil Day

The Irish Cancer Society and its lead partner for Daffodil Day, Dell Ireland, have launched an appeal to companies and businesses all over Ireland to support the event, which is being held on 27 March.

The overall target for Daffodil Day 2015 is €3.5 million.

“Corporate partnerships and employee fundraising activities help to make a real and significant impact on the Irish Cancer Society’s ability to continue to provide services and support to people affected by cancer in Ireland,” said Irish Cancer Society chief executive, John McCormack.

“We need companies to sign up this year and once again commit to helping those families around the country affected by this terrible disease. We are so grateful for the support given last year by employees, at every level, in companies that chose to get on board. We are inspired by the innovative and creative ways they are prepared to go to to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society. We need lots of businesses to sign up again this year.”

“At Dell, the whole Irish team of 2,300 employees gets involved in the Daffodil Days campaign, volunteering our skills and helping to raise funds,” said Liam Halpin, general manager, Dell Ireland. “As a lead partner in the campaign, we urge other businesses to come on board and support Daffodil Day 2015.

“There’s plenty of ways to get involved, from team members donating their time to take part in street collections, through to company fundraisers such as bake sales and mini golf competitions. Let’s work together to help the Irish Cancer Society reach its fundraising targets and continue to make a difference in the lives of those with cancer, along with their friends and family.”

In 2014 over 400 companies around Ireland signed up to support Daffodil Day, running fundraisers in over 800 locations and raising €376,000.

Companies can provide support by selling boxes of daffodils and daffodil day merchandise in their building; arranging a fundraising event in their office or volunteering time on Daffodil Day.

For more details on getting involved in Daffodil Days, please contact the Irish Cancer Society’s corporate team on (01) 231 6625 or by emailing