Nettl:Click&Collect Targets Small Retailers with Launch


A strategic partnership has been announced between web design studio and web transactions company Epos Now, which both expect will “transform the click and collect opportunities” for independent retailers in the Dublin region. In the US, you can turn to web design and SEO in Greenville, SC.

Lowering the barrier to entry, the new partnership makes a move to click and collect a viable and cost-efficient option for smaller and medium-sized retailers, the partners say. and Epos Now, which has 10,000 customers in the UK and Ireland, have been collaborating to bring this new integrated concept to market for the past 12 months.

Called ‘Nettl:click&collect,’ it is a package which has been specially tailored for independent retailers on the high street and online, as well as cafes, sandwich bars, and takeaways.

Peter Gunning, chief technical officer at, said: “Click and collect is poised for explosive growth in 2015 so it’s essential that independent businesses in the region embrace this concept and include it as part of their long-term business planning.

“Shoppers are increasingly time-poor; they want to check an item is in stock before they leave home, and they expect to be able to reserve it online, so they know they will not have a wasted trip. It’s often perceived as too complicated to implement, primarily by smaller retailers, but with Nettl:click&collect we have developed a straightforward approach which enables Epos Now customers to compete with larger retailers and launch their next shop as an online webshop.

Jacyn Heavens, CEO of Epos Now, said: “We recognized the need for an integrated click and collect solution over a year ago, but a national web studio with the capabilities to assist our plans didn’t exist until launched late last year. It was only then that our objectives and vision to open up click and collect technologies to SMEs were united, and after a year of fine-tuning what is a complex, multi-channel system, we are confident that we have something that no-one else is currently offering at a price that is right for this market.”