Tourism start-up Keyquests creating 10 jobs

Founded in February this year by Gillen Joyce, Cork-based Tourism start-up Keyquests has already created six full time jobs and is currently recruiting for a further four positions.

Keyquests: Innovative Tourism Start-up Enhancing Visitor Experiences in Ireland

Keyquests is a tourism technology application that uses location based marketing to enhance the experience of tourists in Ireland, and to connect various attractions and locations to each other through features and offers.

A Unique Concept Inspired by Personal Experiences

“The concept behind Keyquests came to me when looking through holiday photo albums last year.  Photos tell one story, but technology allows us now to tell our own unique stories and to create and share our experiences online,” explained Joyce, who s also the founder of Titanic Experience, Tregan Crafts and a number of other tourism businesses.

Optimizing Visitor Experiences Through Advanced Technology

“At Keyquests, we use advances in technology and social media to provide visitors with the ability to plan a trip, purchase tickets in advance availing of related Keyquests offers and subsequently post photos and blog about the trip.

“Keyquests can also suggest nearby attractions, hotels and restaurants to visit, so a holiday maker can have the optimal visitor experience in that location.”

Funding Support and Global Growth Potential

The start-up has received funding from South and East Cork Area Development and a number of private investors.

According to Joyce, this solution is completely unique, not just in Ireland but internationally also.

“It marries entertainment, pictures, blogging, social networking with real-time location based marketing for tourism and leisure businesses.  We are really excited about this startup and see enormous potential to grow the business to a global brand.”

Sorcha Corcoran