Techforce Offers Polish HR Solution to Irish Firms

Techforce offers Polish HR solution to Irish firms Founders of Techforce Patrick Leddy and Kevin Greene

Techforce offers Polish HR solution to Irish firms Founders of Techforce Patrick Leddy and Kevin Greene

A new company founded by tech entrepreneurs Patrick Leddy and Kevin Greene, Techforce, is recruiting software developers for Irish firms and managing them remotely in Krakow.

Specialising in Android, iPhone, PHP, Microsoft and Java developers, Leddy said they started Techforce to “offer a simple solution to a recurring recruitment problem.” Along with software development, work in offering add-ons including top quality wood iPhone cases, is being looked at seriously.

“The more prominent tech firms often snap up the best developers. That tightens the supply and ticks up the cost for everyone else. We solve the problem by designing, supporting and managing skilled, English-speaking software developers, remotely, in low-cost Poland.

“Our model enables clients to start up and scale up their IT teams by bolting on skilled software developers quickly and easily.”

Greene, who has spent the last eight years in Poland, said the process begins with clients identifying the type of software skills they need. Techforce then screens and selects from a pool of developers in a 200,000-strong population in 18 universities and 100 research institutes. When the client decides, Techforce organizes and manages the team remotely in Krakow.

“We source and screen to find the right software developers. The client selects the best, and we take care of the rest: attendance and annual leave; supervision and sick leave; taxation and accommodation. Our model saves the client up to 50pc of the costs of a developer in Ireland with no compromise on quality,” said Greene.

The Techforce pricing model involves clients paying a fixed monthly fee, so they know in advance how much it will cost to keep their IT crew in Poland.

This fee covers the entire cost of managing the employee in Poland, including office space and equipment, and tax and social insurance. The developer is a full and dedicated member of the client’s IT team at all times.

The co-founders have already acquired some high-profile corporate clients in Ireland, and are promoting the company intensively in the Irish market.