Garden Streets Review

Greens Streets offers entertaining and enlightening events

Garden Streets Help Companies Improve Employee Engagement, Healthy Living, and Corporate Culture With Virtual Presentations that Bring People Closer Together.

In a world where everything can seem either cold concrete or digital monitor, Garden Streets is giving the hearts and minds of today’s professionals a natural source for comfort and inspiration.

The Garden Streets team includes engineers, horticulturists, and designers who make owning plants far easier and more rewarding.

Fascinating presentations help your staff energize and re-engage for better creativity, refreshed attitude, and new enthusiasm for their work.

Garden Streets

We offer unique virtual events with kits to help corporate clients with team building. It gets workers out of their normal environment to work together on nurture-inspired projects.

This can lead to a more relaxed and creative situation where team members get to know each other better, see one another in a fresh light, and come away feeling refreshed and more in touch with improved communication and empathy.

Businesses also use virtual events to involve clients. Customers can be invited to a special presentation that adds rich new interests and skills to their lives. This can make the sponsor stand out in the minds of customers as more involved, more caring, and certainly more interesting.

Greens Streets offers entertaining and enlightening events in person in major cities, everywhere virtually, or with a hybrid approach. We’ve held events for more than 10,000 people for major clients such as Amazon, Netflix, Google, Twitch, Dupont, Boston Globe, and dozens more.

Our experts give lively presentations covering a wide range of topics, from fresh floral arrangements to gingerbread house decorating to holiday wreath-making, yoga, and a focus on important holidays year-round.

It’s easy to schedule your event:

  • Choose from our wide range of events sure to interest any team or group.
  • Pick your date and location. We often stage events that are virtually offered to multiple workplaces in many cities.
  • We handle all the work with address collection, shipping, tracking, and event production. All you have to do is take credit for a massively successful event everyone enjoys.

Team building and employee engagement virtual presentations can be a relaxing, inspiring, and often healing experience. Our events can bring a team closer together, improve employee morale and engagement, or simply make life more interesting and satisfying for everyone.

Book your event today. Contact us for your no-obligation discussion. We can answer your questions, explain our service, and offer proven solutions to achieve your goals.