Garden Streets Review

Greens Streets offers entertaining and enlightening events

Garden Streets Help Companies Improve Employee Engagement, Healthy Living, and Corporate Culture With Virtual Presentations that Bring People Closer Together.

In a world where everything can seem either cold concrete or digital monitor, Garden Streets is giving the hearts and minds of today’s professionals a natural source of comfort and inspiration.

The Garden Streets team includes engineers, horticulturists, and designers who make owning plants easier and more rewarding.

Fascinating presentations help your staff energize and re-engage for better creativity, refreshed attitude, and new enthusiasm for their work.

Garden Streets

We offer unique virtual events with kits to help corporate clients with team building. It gets workers from their typical environment to work together on nurture-inspired projects.

This can lead to a more relaxed and creative situation where team members get to know each other better, see one another in a fresh light, and come away feeling refreshed and more in touch with improved communication and empathy.

Businesses also use virtual events to involve clients. Customers can be invited to a special presentation that adds rich new interests and skills to their lives. This can make the sponsor stand out in customers' minds as more involved, caring, and certainly more interesting.

Greens Streets offers entertaining and enlightening events in person in major cities, everywhere virtually, or with a hybrid approach. We’ve held events for over 10,000 people for significant clients such as Amazon, Netflix, Google, Twitch, Dupont, Boston Globe, and dozens more.

Our experts give lively presentations covering a wide range of topics, from fresh floral arrangements to gingerbread house decorating to holiday wreath-making, yoga, and a focus on important holidays year-round.

It’s easy to schedule your event:

  • Choose from our wide range of events sure to interest any team or group.
  • Pick your date and location. Events can be virtually offered to multiple workplaces in many cities.
  • We handle all the work with address collection, shipping, tracking, and event production. All you have to do is take credit for a massively successful event everyone enjoys.

Team building and employee engagement virtual presentations can be a relaxing, inspiring, and often healing experience. Garden Streets events can bring a team closer together, improve employee morale and engagement, or make life more exciting and satisfying for everyone.

Book your event today. Contact us for your no-obligation discussion. We can answer your questions, explain our service, and offer proven solutions to achieve your goals.

About The Founder - Jen Gouldstone

Jen Gouldstone is the visionary behind Studio By Garden Streets, a brick-and-mortar haven offering immersive encounters with plants and nature, culinary delights, wellness activities, and interactive games.

Garden Streets and the subset "Studio by Garden Streets" launched in 2018 marked her triumphant departure from a 20+ year corporate career to embrace her passion for the natural world—a love she nurtured as a Master Gardener and trained florist. Studio by Garden Streets flourishes across two vibrant locations, enchanting Chicago and Boston.

When Jen Gouldstone courageously steered her trajectory from the realms of technology to the blossoming domain of plants, positive change came to the corporate space where Gouldstone had just left.

With Garden Streets, her brainchild, she infused vitality into workspaces through living greens, aligning with biophilic design principles. When the pandemic reshaped the landscape into remote workspaces, Gouldstone ingeniously pivoted. She launched virtual workshops catering to companies whose employees yearned to delve into the art of crafting succulent terrariums.

Now, in a captivating evolution, Garden Streets unveils its latest chapter within the walls of CambridgeSide Mall—a resplendent 4,500-square-foot emporium seamlessly weaving retail and experiential crafting. You can behold Studio by Garden Streets yourself, an oasis that introduces patrons to a curated world of household plants and charming trinkets. Picture MBTA-themed jigsaw puzzles, Lego ornaments, and olive wood honey dippers.

Ingeniously, Studio by Garden Streets invites patrons to infuse verdure into their artistic endeavors at DIY stations. These well-stocked havens empower visitors to conjure dried floral arrangements, shadow box bouquets, wine bottle planters, and more. In an adjoining space adorned with TV screens, Gouldstone and her team orchestrate workshops that span the creative spectrum—origami and birchbox centerpieces, watercolor painting, and moss artistry. With some workshops tailored to seasons, possibilities are boundless, from crafting cozy stockings to fashioning winter wreaths.

Since its debut in early November, these workshops have ignited sparks of connection during date nights and precious family moments, asserts Gouldstone. Her aspirations stretch further, envisioning expansions to accommodate various events, from celebratory birthdays to spirited bachelorette gatherings.

Gouldstone's childhood passion for crafting, nurtured in China and Boston, now converges with her commitment to nature at the heart of Studio by Garden Streets. A sweeping array of offerings grace the shelves, including Vermont maple syrup, macramé tapestries by Boston artist Mia Whittmore, and reclaimed wood furnishings hailing from Needham. Each piece represents an invitation to enrich homes and lives.

As the captain of this vibrant ship, Gouldstone leverages her prowess as a former tech industry project manager, enlivening her role as a business conductor. Just as her tech days involved orchestrating operations in the startup realm, she now channels her energy into traversing the landscapes of soap makers in her minivan and advocating for the sheer joy of having a verdant companion on your desk.

She says, "We're in the learning stage," with aspirations far beyond the horizon. Gouldstone envisions the unfolding chapters of Studio by Garden Streets as a limitless canvas where nature, creativity, and community interlace in a harmonious symphony."