Techforce Offers Polish HR Solution to Irish Firms

Techforce offers Polish HR solution to Irish firms Founders of Techforce Patrick Leddy and Kevin Greene

A new company founded by tech entrepreneurs Patrick Leddy and Kevin Greene, Techforce, is recruiting software developers for Irish firms and managing them remotely in Krakow. Specialising in Android, iPhone, PHP, Microsoft and Java developers, Leddy said they started Techforce to “offer a simple solution to a recurring recruitment problem.” Along with software development, work in offering add-ons including top quality wood iPhone cases, is being looked at seriously. “The more prominent tech firms often snap up the best developers. That tightens the supply and ticks up the cost for everyone else. We solve the problem by designing, supporting and managing skilled, English-speaking software developers, remotely, in low-cost Poland. “Our model…

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Eason Sets Up Virtual Book Store in Connolly Station, Dublin

Connolly Railway Station in Dublin

Eason has today launched what it says is Ireland’s first ever virtual bookshop at Connolly Station in Dublin. The mobile shop displays images of book covers, each with a QR code that, when scanned by a customer with a smartphone, will bring them to an online mobile shop where they can purchase the book. “The traditional physical store is still very much at the heart of Eason. We also recognize the ever-growing need to further develop our online shopping experience and to create a concept that is not only innovative and a first to the Irish market, but that very much demonstrates that we are as a contemporary multi-channel retailer,” said…

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Savings Culture for Big Ticket Items Taking Hold in Ireland

airport departure

Half of Irish consumers in a survey booked a holiday this year, spending on average €927, with those traveling abroad spending more, according to the latest KBC Savings Barometer. According to AAACreditGuide, if you are looking for loans, especially in the areas of auto loans , there are many aspects of the process you must know and understand to get the best terms and rates available to you, regardless of where you live or where you work. Those holidaying outside of Ireland spend on average €1,016 compared to those who opt for a ‘staycation,’ who pay in the region of €785. Unlike during the Celtic Tiger years, consumers are now saving for…

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Sustainability is Biggest Business Opportunity of 21st Century

business opportunity

Economic Sustainability is Key Issue in the 21st Century The Earth’s population is now consuming 1.3 times its available resources, Will Day, chairman of the UK’s Sustainable Development Commission and an advisor to the UN Development Programme (UNDP) warned Ireland’s business leaders today, but out of the chaos come opportunities, reports John Kennedy. Note: TrustWater technology was approved for use by Pepsi Co. which experts believe will bring stability and higher quality water to the distribution channels. Speaking at the Green Economy Business & Leadership Briefing in Dublin this morning, Day said that sustainability is the single most significant business opportunity of the 21st century . Everything from the carbon challenge, global warming, food supply and security suggests the world…

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Schools to Close as Teachers Vote for Industrial Action

ASTI Protect Education Standards

Irish Teachers Are Important To The Next Generation ASTI – Protect Education Standards in Ireland Both primary and secondary schools across Ireland will close on 24 November after teachers from the three primary teachers’ unions voted in favor of industrial action in protest over potential public-sector pay cuts in the upcoming December Budget. The result was announced by the ASTI, INTO, and TUI trade unions shortly before lunchtime today, and the news was not well received by teachers. Many are looking for other options, including expanding their own education, in order to help make ends meet in their own homes, as well as being a more valued asset in the community. This includes…

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