Jeffrey Nadrich – Top Personal Injury Attorney in California

By Michael Haynes | September 23, 2018

Attorney Jeffrey Nadrich , a Solution Focused Leader in Southern California Jeffrey Nadrich, one of the most well-established and honored personal injury attorneys in the Los Angeles, area agreed to sit down with us for a discussion. Of the many topics we covered, we focused on how his leadership style evolved, and how it has helped build and shape his law firm, Nadrich and Cohen. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? In what ways does that relate to what you do now? As a child I always wanted to be a lawyer. The reason was because I grew up working class and, as a result, wanted…

How to Make New Friends

By Michael Haynes | September 21, 2018

Learn to read body language. You’ll have a better idea of what someone is really telling you… When someone smiles, look at his/her face—real smiles crinkle the eyes. A tilted head and wide-open eyes suggest a willingness to listen. Someone who is biting his lips may feel he is being criticized. People cross their legs when they feel defensive and cross their arms when they want to be convinced. Leaning back shows friendliness—or feeling in control. Helpful when meeting someone new: Establish rapport by mirroring some of his signals, such as leaning forward or smiling. Or use the same body positions. Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, PhD, is a jury consultant and coauthor…

Useful Lessons From the Wisdom In Your Dreams

By Michael Haynes | September 19, 2018

Although dreams often seem nonsensical, the close examination can yield self-knowledge and practical guidance for everyday living. Interpreting dreams is usually a challenge. They so often deal with thorny issues that we avoid thinking about when we’re awake. And most dream-analysis systems impose rigid symbolism and meanings that don’t fit everyone. The dream-analysis method I use involves freely exploring a dream with others but accepting only the insights that strike a personal chord. My dreamwork programs normally contain eight to 10 people, but the system also works with just two or three Present The Dream To allow for wide-ranging speculation, the dreamer first tells the “straight story.’’ He/she should write…

Dr. Tom Crook’s Six-Step Program to Keep Your Mind Very, Very, Very, Sharp!

By Michael Haynes | September 17, 2018

The decline in our ability to quickly recall names, dates and other memorized facts is known as Age-Associated Memory Impairment (AAMI). It is due to chemical changes in die brain cells as well as a general shrinkage of brain mass—a phenomenon that occurs in everybody, starting at about age 40. That’s the bad news. The good news is that, unlike Alzheimer’s Disease (which strikes a relatively small percentage of people and is largely untreatable in its later stages), AAMI can be minimized and/or delayed indefinitely. How? Through a mix of mental and physical exercises combined with daily supplements of a remarkable compound called phosphatidylserine—more commonly referred to as PS. What…

Age-Proof Your Brain

By Michael Haynes | September 14, 2018

Doctors used to think that brain development occurred only during youth and that as we age, our brain cells (neurons) inevitably die off. But recent research confirms that humans can add new neurons throughout life. This means we can continue learning new ideas and mastering new skills. Each neuron has branch-like appendages called dendrites that extend in different directions. Whenever die brain is stimulated by an experience—even in old age—new dendrites form. Neurons communicate with each other via electrochemical impulses sent through dendrites. More dendrites mean greater brain power. As we age, some dendrites naturally wither and die. The more we have left, the better our cognitive abilities remain. Key:…


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Effective leadership is a rarity these days, especially in the business world. David Ogilvy, Bill Gates, Alan Ashton, David Packard, and Warren Buffett to name a few. Learn the methods and inside practices of these leaders to use inside your own organization and life.

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Creating a successful business is not enough in this day in age, you must also create one that will have sustainability through the ever-changing market changes. New competitors, new platforms, employee turnover, etc. Survive it all.

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Top Stories

Increase in telecoms fraud says Minute Buyer

January 30, 2009

At a time when few businesses can afford any more cashflow problems, international and Irish based ‘time thieves’ are targeting Irish businesses and exploiting weaknesses in their telecoms security to steal millions of euro annually, according to market intelligence from Minute Buyer, provider of telecoms solutions to the corporate market. The company has seen a significant increase in telephone fraud and hacking in Ireland over the last three months, according to Shaun Hayden, Director, Minute Buyer. He admits accurate fraud figures are nearly impossible to pin down because so many organisations are reluctant to talk about it publicly, bust says the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation estimates that time theft…

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Top 50 Women in Business – Gillian Bowler

January 1, 2009

One of Ireland’s best-known entrepreneurs, Gillian Bowler is now relishing her various boardroom roles. Perhaps the archetype of the successful businesswoman, with her famed sunglasses pushed back on her head, the glamorous clothes and the fun-loving personality, Gillian Bowler appears to have it all. Bowler is on numerous boards and is one of the most in-demand directors for Irish plcs, yet she left school on the Isle of Wight at the age of 13 for a time. “I was very good at school, loved it and had a lot of fun. I suppose I was as competitive then as I am now, but then I fell ill.” As a result,…

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Top 50 Women in Business – Deirdre Somers

January 1, 2009

Deirdre Somers is CEO of the Irish Stock Exchange. Cork-born Somers is the first female CEO of the 300-year-old ISE. Deirdre Somers, chief executive of the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE), is very much a woman in a man’s world. Sitting in her office towards the top of the venerable old building on Anglesea Street, it is immediately obvious she would stand out in this normally sober world. Dressed in a bright cerise suit with killer heels, Somers is as elegant and poised as her surroundings. Her office is decorated with prints sourced from the Print Gallery in neighbouring Temple Bar, with pictures of her two young children having pride of…

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