Jeffrey Nadrich – Top Personal Injury Attorney in California

By Michael Haynes | December 12, 2018

Attorney Jeffrey Nadrich , a Solution Focused Leader in Southern California Jeffrey Nadrich, one of the most well-established and honored personal injury attorneys in the Los Angeles area, agreed to sit down with us for a discussion. Of the many topics we covered, we focused on how his leadership style evolved, and how it has helped build and shape his law firm, Nadrich and Cohen. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? In what ways does that relate to what you do now? As a child I always wanted to be a lawyer. The reason was because I grew up working class and, as a result, wanted…

Seven Steps to Increase Business In a Tough Economy

By Michael Haynes | December 1, 2018

When sales are slower, it doesn’t mean that you have to slow down the business or settle for diminished returns. Any economic downturn is a wake-up call for you to look for new opportunities. Seven steps to improving business and getting ahead in slow times. Reshape Your Vision Redefine your original business vision and start projects so dynamic that you’ll be eager to get to work each morning. Take a few days off, and ponder the direction you want to follow. Recognize that you will have to work smarter and possibly harder. Analyze New Market Conditions Which parts of the market are most profitable? How large are these parts, and…

How to Win a Business Award (4 Steps to Increase Your Odds)

By Michael Haynes | November 28, 2018

Business awards attract media attention and raise your profile. Here’s how to increase your chances of winning: Inquire about awards and nominations through your local chamber of commerce and trade groups. Complete applications for awards carefully. Profile your business, describe major challenges you have faced and overcome, explain your solutions. Submit your award entries well in advance of the deadline. When you win—and even when you are just nominated—write press releases about the awards and send them to local media.

Les Cseh – ASAP Checks

By Michael Haynes | November 26, 2018

Business Leadership Interview Questions for Les Cseh / ASAP Checks It is rare in this new economy to find a leader of a company focused and loyal to not only the employees but also to the local communities. Meet Les Cseh of ASAP Checks. With a location on the beautiful St. Lawrence River in up-state New York, Cesh’s company has provided a stable and challenging work environment, while leaving a small footprint on the environment. Cseh’s company has printed millions of checks since being founded in 1996, and also owns a sister-company in Canada. Cseh believes in giving back to the local community and is a strong supporter of the local Salvation Army and food back to…

Making the Most of Fringe Benefits for Business Owners

By Michael Haynes | November 25, 2018

A fat paycheck isn’t the only way to take money out of your company and it’s not always the most sensible tax-wise. Fringe benefits often accomplish more in the way of tax savings. Review these possibilities with your tax adviser: For Company Owners Loophole: Have your company buy a hefty group term life insurance policy on your life. The premiums will be fully deductible by the company as long as the plan coverage does not discriminate against lower-income employees. Through a quirk in the tax law, this strategy creates tax savings for you. How it works: Say your company pays the premium on a $1 million insurance policy on your…


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Effective leadership is a rarity these days, especially in the business world. David Ogilvy, Bill Gates, Alan Ashton, David Packard, and Warren Buffett to name a few. Learn the methods and inside practices of these leaders to use inside your own organization and life.

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Creating a successful business is not enough in this day in age, you must also create one that will have sustainability through the ever-changing market changes. New competitors, new platforms, employee turnover, etc. Survive it all.

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Changes in local, national and world economies can affect your business. Keep up to date with the latest changes and know how to make small movements in your corporate rudder to weather the pending storm.

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Top Stories

Bloomberg Buys BusinessWeek from US Publisher McGraw Hill

October 14, 2009

The US publisher McGraw Hill is to sell its popular business magazine BusinessWeek to Bloomberg . The acquisition will strengthen Bloomberg’s online, television and mobile products, Bloomberg Chairman Peter Grauer said in a statement yesterday. “BusinessWeek will be a powerful addition to our portfolio of leading news and information services,” he added. McGraw-Hill said the transaction would enable it to continue focusing resources on building the size, scale and global presence of its brands. Details of the deal were not disclosed. However, BusinessWeek cites “knowledgeable sources” in its story on the deal, saying that Bloomberg’s cash offer is in the US$2m to the US$5m range and that it has agreed to assume liabilities,…

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Ireland will lag recovery elsewhere – Central Bank

October 6, 2009

Ireland’s recovery from recession will be slower than elsewhere, the Central Bank said today as it acknowledged hopes are rising that the global downturn in European and the world economies has now reached a turning point. However, despite the gloomy comparisons to other economies, the bank did raise its forecasts for Irish economic growth in its latest quarterly bulletin. The bank’s latest forecast suggests that, while the pace of decline in economic activity is moderating, the weakness in Irish economic activity is set to persist into the first-half of 2010. However, it has raised its forecast for economic growth in 2009 and 2010 slightly from its last quarterly bulletin. The…

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Puma to Launch Mobile Phone

October 6, 2009

As part of its diversification strategy, Puma is to launch a mobile phone in the second quarter of 2010. The sportswear company has signed a license agreement with French mobile phone manufacturer Sagem Wireless. According to Puma, the agreement is in line with its strategy to move into new categories that complement its range of sport and lifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories. In a statement, it said: “Puma’s entry into mobile leverages its innovative brand and design skill to improve user experience and connect its community.” The phone will be sold globally in Puma’s own stores and through operators. The phone will be solar powered (the solar implement will be on…

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