Lee Kuan Yew – Leadership Transformed Singapore

By Michael Haynes | May 18, 2018

Lee Kuan Yew – “The Impossible Can Happen!” Lee Kuan Yew was the first and longest-serving Prime Minister of Singapore. It was his leadership that transformed Singapore from a third world country into a thriving metropolitan city in just three decades. In a press conference, referring to the airline pilot strike of Singapore Air, he said, “I have spent a lifetime building this (referring to the city of Singapore), and as long as I am in charge, no one is going to knock it down.” He was the leader Singapore needed, and it took him a mere 65 minutes to end the strike. A Short Biography of Lee Kuan Yew…

Simon Smith Keeps Calm – Despite Rammed By Bus

By Michael Haynes | May 15, 2018

When The Bus Catches You It was a quiet Saturday morning in the heart of Redding, just east of Edinburgh in the UK, when Simon Smith, was harshly greeted by the city’s bus. This “greeting” can only be described as a spectacular accident with an incredible ending. Upon review of the CCTV footage from The Purple Turtle, a well-known local bar, one would think Smith would be seriously injured, or worse, killed from the impact. However, as the footage shows, Smith stood up on his own and walked into the local bar to have a pint. To which bar patrons began saying “ Keep Calm and Have a Pint .” Smith, 53, was crossing Gun Street…

Elon Musk – The Right Person To Lead Tesla?

By Michael Haynes | May 3, 2018

Tesla is burning through cash at an alarming rate. Their stock took a dive of nearly 8% today as it was announced yesterday that the car company has burned through $785M in just three months time. To make matters worse, Musk delivered an earnings call which can best be described as bizarre. He cut off analysts as they attempted to ask questions by calling them “boring.” And to add even more bizarreness to the earnings call, Musk preferred having an open conversation with a young YouTuber, which some joked had a mere 50 shares of stock and was nothing but an amateur. Grumbings in the press was that Musk has…

Alexander The Great Leadership – Greatest of World Conquerors

By Michael Haynes | April 21, 2018

Alexander the Great was one of the history’s most celebrated conquerors. Born as heir to the Macedonian King, his great ambition led him to take on the high Persian Empire. At its height, Alexander’s empire stretched all the way from modern-day Italy to the Himalayas. Alexander The Great Leadership: A Short Biography Alexander was born in 356 BC in Pella, a city in the Kingdom of Macedonia. He was the son of Philip II, King of Macedon. Alexander was raised as a noble Macedonian youth. He learned to read, play the lyre, ride, fight, and hunt. As he got older, his father had the famous Aristotle tutor his son. Aristotle…

Walt Disney – Masterful Innovator Through Immagination

By Michael Haynes | April 16, 2018

  Walt Disney Bio, Leadership, and Quotes Walt Disney was the co-founder of Walt Disney Productions, one of the most influential motion picture production companies in the world. He was also the creator of the world-famous Disneyland, which attracts over 15 million visitors a year. A Short Biography Born on December 5th, 1901, Walt Disney was the fourth son of Elias and Flora Disney. He developed a love for drawing at a very young age when he was paid to draw a neighbor’s horse. In high school, he was the cartoonist for the school newspaper. He dropped out of high school at 16 and joined the Army where he was…


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Top Stories

Terry Clune

Taxback.com scoops international entrepreneur title

October 17, 2010

Irish firm Taxback.com has won the International Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the 2010 European Business Awards, sponsored by HSBC. Terry Clune started the tax recovery business Taxback.com as a student sideline over 13 years ago and has transformed it into a global business with over 650 employees and offices in 21 countries. He was the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009. There was a diverse group of entrants to the HSBC sponsored awards, ranging from fish farming to renewable energy and light aircraft to skincare, with a combined turnover higher of over €766 billion and employing over 3.5 million people. A tough bunch to please Adrian…

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Study reveals power and workings of word of mouth

October 14, 2010

Opinion leading social media users are putting their trust in mainstream media brands over user-generated content when deciding what information to share, according to a new study carried out by BBC Worldwide, Carat, and The Future Foundation. The study looked at how 9,000 opinion leaders share information in response to brand activity, news and personal experience, in nine countries across a range of platforms, including web, online social networks, email, SMS, phone and face to face. Opinion leaders were defined as those who regularly spread ideas and opinion across their social networks with their role being recognised by themselves and others. The study revealed a series of inter-related groups, each…

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European innovation initiative launched

October 6, 2010

The European Commission today tabled its ‘Innovation Union’ initiative, which sets out a strategic approach to challenges such as climate change, energy and food security, health and an ageing population. In a statement today, the Commission said it will use public sector intervention to stimulate the private sector and to “remove bottlenecks which stop ideas reaching the markets.” These barriers can include lack of finance, fragmented research systems and markets, underuse of public procurement for innovation and slow standard setting. Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn said if Europe is not transformed into an Innovation Union, economies will “wither on the vine while ideas and talent go to…

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