Daniel Goleman: What Makes a Leader?

By Michael Haynes | October 17, 2018

What Makes a Leader? Daniel Goleman Books, Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence Psychologist and author Daniel Goleman is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on emotional and social intelligence. As he publishes his latest collection of articles, he speaks to Ann O’Dea about many topics, including leadership in London . Widely acknowledged as the man who brought the concept of emotional intelligence to the masses. Through his 1996 bestseller Emotional Intelligence – Why it can matter more than IQ, Daniel Goleman has just published Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence, which collects together in one volume his ‘must-read’ articles from the Harvard Business Review and key excerpts from his books. When we…

Don Schnure: The Man Behind 1AutomationWiz

By Michael Haynes | October 12, 2018

Business Leadership Interview Questions for Don Scott Schnure / 1AutomationWiz As a digital marketing professional, software designer and former video production executive Don Schnure brings a unique perspective to the online shopping cart company 1AutomationWiz.com. With offices in St. Louis Missouri and a data center in Ottawa Canada, Don’s company offers a unique work environment where over 80% of the employees can telecommute. This provides new opportunities for working mothers and the flexibility in work schedules that attracts some of the industry’s top talent. Don’s company was founded in 2001 and is responsible for millions of dollars in online transactions and thousands of online stores. We had a chance to…

Muhammad Ali Record – The GOAT – The Greatest of All-Time

By Michael Haynes | October 9, 2018

Three-time World Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali is considered one of the world’s greatest boxers. His professional record of 56 wins and five losses is unprecedented. After retirement, he traveled the world as an ambassador of peace and championed social causes like ending poverty and discrimination. A Short Biography Muhammad Ali was born “Cassius Clay” on January 17th, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky. At age 12, Cassius was discovered by a boxing coach. He trained under various coaches as an amateur boxer and had a fantastic record of 100 wins to 5 losses. He became a professional boxer after winning the Summer Olympics gold medal in 1960. He took the name Muhammad…

Alexander The Great Leadership – Greatest of World Conquerors

By Michael Haynes | October 6, 2018

Great Conquerors: Alexander the Great Alexander the Great was one of history’s most celebrated conquerors. Born as heir to the Macedonian King, his great ambition led him to take on the high Persian Empire. At its height, Alexander’s empire stretched all the way from modern-day Italy to the Himalayas. Alexander The Great Leadership: A Short Biography Alexander was born in 356 BC in Pella, a city in the Kingdom of Macedonia. As the son of Philip II, King of Macedon, Alexander was raised as a noble Macedonian youth. Learning to read, play the lyre, ride, fight, and hunt were high priorities for Alexander. As he got older, his father had…

Resolving Personality Conflicts at Work

By Michael Haynes | October 3, 2018

Photo: Unsplash Sooner or later, everyone has interpersonal conflicts with colleagues. Such rifts can drag on for years. With the right technique, most can be resolved quickly. Understand The Cause Sometimes it’s clear why a person doesn’t like you or why you don’t like him/her. Perhaps you said or did something the other person objected to—or vice versa. If you have no idea why someone dislikes you, the animosity probably has more to do with him that with you. Some possible causes are: He thinks you dislike him. It doesn’t take much for a person with low self-esteem to jump to this conclusion. In his mind, his dislike is simply…


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Effective leadership is a rarity these days, especially in the business world. David Ogilvy, Bill Gates, Alan Ashton, David Packard, and Warren Buffett to name a few. Learn the methods and inside practices of these leaders to use inside your own organization and life.

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Creating a successful business is not enough in this day in age, you must also create one that will have sustainability through the ever-changing market changes. New competitors, new platforms, employee turnover, etc. Survive it all.

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Changes in local, national and world economies can affect your business. Keep up to date with the latest changes and know how to make small movements in your corporate rudder to weather the pending storm.

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Top Stories

European Investment Bank

Irish bank shares continue to fall

November 25, 2010

Shares in Allied Irish Bank and Bank of Ireland continue to nosedive as more details emerge about their need for even further capitalisation. Bank of Ireland shares fell 33pc yesterday but recovered some ground and are now trading up over 7pc to 29cent. AIB shares fell 22pc yesterday but finished trading slightly higher. Shares in the soon-to-be-nationalised bank are now trading at 34cent a share. Bank of Ireland are set to get its third injection of State bailout money as it becomes clear it needs further capital to reach international standards of capital levels. The Government ownership of the bank will be somewhere between 65 and 80pc following the capital…

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Connectors event to look at saving Brand Ireland

November 25, 2010

A public brainstorming event to be held for the first time this evening will look at a range of issues affecting Irish businesses, including how to save Brand Ireland. Devised by Conor Lynch, the Connector Brainstorm event promises to bring together some of Ireland’s top digital marketing experts along with some exciting start-ups and aims to provide a platform for new ideas to save Brand Ireland. According to Lynch, the event, which is being held in the Science Gallery on Pearse Street in Dublin 2, will look at ways to save Brand Ireland in the eyes of the international public and look at new business ideas that will create new…

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European Investment Bank

State stakes in BofI and AIB even greater

November 24, 2010

Following the confirmation of an EU/IMF rescue plan, it is understood that AIB will be almost fully State owned and Bank of Ireland will be nationalised. The EU/IMF €85bn facility will most likely be used to recapitalise the Irish banks, boosting their capital levels from eight to 12pc. By raising the amount of funds held in reserves, it is hoped investor confidence will be bolstered as it will cushion any loan losses. It is understood the Government will take a 99.9pc stake in Allied Irish Bank. The 0.1pc remaining will be left on the stock exchange. Authorities realised the bank needs extra funds but is reluctant to fully-nationalise it. The…

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