How To Best Fake a Trend on Twitter

Fake a Trend on Twitter
Twitter’s “Trending Topics” For Sale?

What is a hashtag?

Well, the obvious answer is that if something is quite popular, it is going to get retweeted a lot. But it is possible to pay someone to make something trend artificially?

Of course. Where there is money to be made, rules will be broken.

Twitter makes money by allowing businesses to push “Promoted Tweets.” However, those adverts are clearly marked. But there are companies that try and get around Twitter’s rules. They offer to make something trend for a price.

How do they do that? They use bots.

Bots are automated accounts, and you can make them say anything you like. If you’ve got enough of them, you can make it look as though your message is being retweeted by thousands of people.

There are omes companies that are offering to boost hashtags onto Twitter’s “Top Trends” list in various countries. While this is against Twitter’s policies, this is not stopping the practice, and even though Twitter claims to have shut down over 100,000 accounts linked to manipulating trends, the service is booming.

Why? Because trends are in demand and people and companies what it now and not tomorrow.