The Gathering Ireland being ‘embraced by the Irish people’ – survey

The Gathering Ireland 2013 has been embraced by the Irish people, according to new data from an Omnibus survey conducted by Behaviour & Attitudes.

The study found that The Gathering has earned strong support amongst the Irish public with four in five of those surveyed (77pc) saying it a worthwhile investment.

Three out of 4 (75pc) say that the Government-backed initiative will be successful in attracting tourists to Ireland.

The Omnibus survey was carried out between 18th and 30 April by independent market researchers Ipsos.

Public awareness levels of The Gathering are very high with 83pc of those surveyed saying they are aware of the project.

There is also strong evidence of people’s direct commitment to The Gathering with 33pc saying that they have already invited or plan to invite someone from overseas to come to Ireland for The Gathering year.

“These latest survey results are proof positive that The Gathering has truly become a ’people’s project’,” said Jim Miley, project director at The Gathering Ireland 2013.

“It is really encouraging to see that one out of every three members of the public are directly involved in inviting friends or relatives to come to Ireland. The fact that the overwhelming majority of the public also believe that The Gathering will be successful and is a worthwhile investment is consistent with the first quarter CSO statistics that show an upturn on overseas visitor numbers in 2013.”