Radio Nova Launches 12 Digital Radio Channels

Radio Nova launches 12 digital radio channnels

Radio Nova launches 12 digital radio channels

Dublin’s Radio Nova has started 12 new digital radio channels using mobile technologies, representing the first time an Irish radio station as introduced separate branded versions of its output for listeners.

The new digital channels are Nova 80s, Nova Beatles, Nova Brit Pop, Nova British Invasion, Nova Chill, Nova Classics, Nova Irish Rock, Electronic 80s, Millertime from Marty Miller, Nova Metal.

They are available to the 170,000 users of the station’s iPhone and Android mobile apps as well as via the station’s website and on internet radio devices.

The station’s CEO, Kevin Branigan said: “This represents the first time that radio and digital technologies have been brought together in an environment where there is a real, captive audience.

“Over 170,000 people have downloaded our mobile apps, and this is where the real benefits of these new digital channels will be seen – they’re accessible at a click, focus exclusively on music and cost absolutely nothing for the user to listen to.”

The stations recorded over 20,000 listening sessions in their first two weeks of testing.

Branigan claims that the channels will open up new revenue streams for the company and ultimately make people more aware of the leading Radio Nova FM service.

Employing 35 people at its base in the Dublin docklands, Radio Nova launched in 2010.