Europe’s QR code scanning on smartphones rises 96pc in a year

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Europe’s QR code scanning on smartphones rises 96pc in a year

The number of European smartphone users scanning QR codes via their devices grew by 96pc in the past year to 17.4 million users for the three month average period ending July 2012, according to figures from Comscore.

The study, an overview of mobile commerce and QR code usage across the five leading European markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom), reveals that three out of every four QR code scans resulted in users receiving product information, making this the most popular type of result across Europe.

Over one in four scans resulted in event information, making it the second most popular result across five countries. Some 19.4pc of QR code scanners received coupons or offers, while 13.4pc received application downloads.

Germany ranked first for usage of QR codes with 18.6pc of smartphone users making use of the service. This compares with the European average of 14.1pc.

Spain, meanwhile, was the fastest growing market, with the number of smartphone users scanning QR codes there increasing by 9 percentage points to 16pc.

“Consumer usage of QR codes offers a new and exciting opportunity for marketers to help move consumers further down the purchase funnel,” said Hesham Al-Jehani, European mobile product manager at comScore.

“By offering more detailed product information or related content, QR codes bring consumer vital information in their consideration of a particular product or service. With smartphones now in the majority of consumers’ pockets, access to the sort of information they might get on their computer when researching a product online can help retailers improve their conversion in-store.”