Glamour model Lucy Pinder fronts Lynx campaign and stars in interactive games for the brand

Glamour model Lucy Pinder is the new face and body of Unilever’s Lynx anti-perspirant and the star of two new digital interactive games for the brand’s ‘Premature Perspiration’ campaign.

According to Lynx, both of the games, which were developed by direct and digital agency TMW, “were specifically created to give men a head start in controlling themselves and helping to alleviate the symptoms of premature perspiration using the legendary Lynx effect”.

The first game, ‘Pindering’, allows players to take control of the model and direct her actions by typing in their own commands. According to Lynx, it’s a digital first in Ireland as it debuts YouTube Gadgets, which allows the user to control and manipulate the videos.

In the CTRL X game, meanwhile, players hold down keys on their keypads in order to see the model removing items of clothing.

Pindering can be played on the brand’s YouTube channel, while both games are available on its Facebook page.