Cadbury Launches £6.5m Race Season Campaign

Cadbury is spending £6.5m on its latest Spots v Stripes activity – Race Season – which launches today in the UK and Ireland.

As part of the Race Season event, the company launched a new chocolate wafer bar, the Big Race bar, yesterday.

Spots v Stripes Race Season presents nine challenges that are designed to inspire people to play more games. According to Cadbury, these problems aim to see if people can be genuinely speedy at tasks they do every day, giving every person in the UK and Ireland a chance of breaking a world record.

The nine challenges are split into four online races and five offline races. The online races are: the Big Race barcode race, where participants have to type the on-pack code from their Big Race bar as fast as they can. The scroll-athon – using their mouse or touchpad, participants scroll through a 100m track as quickly as possible without going out of bounds. The click-athon – using their mouse, users close 50 windows on their screen as fast as possible by clicking on them; and, type-athon – users type out a string of words to tell a story.

The five offline competitions are fastest coin-stacker, fastest doodler, fastest bed maker, fastest tea maker and fastest to unravel a toilet roll.

Following the launch, today of the 60-second ad, a series of 10-second spots will feature the best user-generated content that is uploaded to the campaign website.

The £6.5m campaign marketing spends, part of an overall £50m invested by Cadbury in the Spots v Stripes initiative will be split across TV advertising, digital, events, community programmes, PR, and outdoor advertising. The agencies working on the integrated campaign are PrettyGreen, Fallon, and Ph.D.